Business Growth

Family Harmony

Business yields Prosperity,
Family adds Meaning

or key enabler

We mentor Indian Family Businesses through our patented practices, delivering acutely customised solutions considering stakeholders’ mindset, current business needs and their aggressive ambitions to achieve the desired results.

Focusing on growth whilst keeping harmony centered is an almost impossible act for most of the family businesses.

SOCH evangelises implementable business practices of the 21st century, giving birth to adaptable systems, processes and the most critical – adaptable mindset. These business practices not only keep the family business relevant but also help them to fearlessly enjoy the co-existence of business growth and family harmony.

What we do

We enable family businesses
to achieve business growth
and strengthen family harmony.

We Understand

Helping achieve growth for a family business involves a deep rooted understanding of the intertwined nature of challenges on the floors of the business and the family, equally.