Indian Family Businesses

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We help family businesses build lasting happiness, growth and abundance

We work with progressive Indian Family Businesses — helping them transform into respectable global companies — and with smaller family businesses looking for accelerated growth and new capabilities. We partner with them to deliver the promise of harmony, unity, growth and abundance of love and prosperity. Our expertise helps the family businesses find their truest powers for creating financial, emotional, spiritual and social capital for generations.

Our Research Suggests,

Indian Family Businesses today worry about these 6 major challenges…

  • 0%
  • 20%
  • 40%
  • 60%
  • 80%
  • 100%

The worry of next generation leadership capabilities


The lack of emotional maturity


The lack of mechanism for timely and prudent decision making


The challenge of family harmony


The worry of succession


The challenge of business speed and continuity

The worry of next generation leadership capabilities

The lack of emotional maturity

The lack of mechanism for timely and prudent decision making

The challenge of family harmony

The worry of succession

The challenge of business speed and continuity

How We Can Help

The Practice of Family Business

This practice at SOCH helps your family business build its identity that lasts. We help your family business turn your unique long-term vision, values and legacy into reality.

We do this by developing your family constitution, family governance, family office, succession planning, business continuity, next-generation education, transition, and leadership development. No matter at which stage you are in your family and its business, we are here to provide solutions for you to move forward.

The Practice of Business & Organisation Transformation

The true strength of a business is in its ability to adapt, creating a unique opportunity for it to grow. We help businesses to achieve profitable growth sustainably and deliver valuable results relevant to your purpose.

Explore further our practice of Business and Organisation to learn more about how we’re approaching Growth & Transformation differently.. and why we think we can help you succeed.

The Leadership Practice

Leadership is about delivering business results. Our leadership practice helps our clients forge long-standing trust in their business relationships.

Our practice helps business owners and leaders at all levels of the organisation develop the leadership language, perspectives, knowledge, skills and systems to solve strategic problems with clarity and confidence. Over the years, we have helped 150+ leaders across 5 continents, build and run successful multi-billion dollar enterprises through our leadership practice.

The Practice of Governance

This practice of SOCH helps our clients to build an enterprise-wide system for trust and character. Most family businesses in India lack systemic-level governance, making it difficult to grow beyond a certain level.

This practice has helped our clients develop mechanisms to ensure control, manage risks and diversify with ease and efficiency. Governance may seem less important, but in reality, it is a critical function for businesses to avoid unwarranted loss of financial capital, human capital, morale capital and social capital.

The Practice of Enterprise

The scalability and accelerated pace of growth of any business is highly dependent on technology beyond a certain point of time and maturity of the business. This practice at SOCH has helped business owners plan for their enterprise architecture to harness and invest in opportunities ahead of their time.

This practice has helped clients design, develop and implement their business operating model (BOM) and technology operating model (TOM) – the synergy of which can deliver both scale and speed. If your family business is growing in new geographies, new products and/or new markets, enterprise architecture will help you unlock the untapped value of the opportunity in the short-run as well as the long run.

Featured Insights

Thoughts, Observations, Experiences and Narrations to help you…

Insights on Family Business Insights on Governance
Money or Wealth or Dynasty?

The difference of the above three creates or destroys family businesses beyond their 2nd or 3rd generation Truth #1:  Family business focusing on earning money get money. Truth #2:  Family business focusing on earning money get wealth. Truth #3:  Family businesses focusing on creating a dynasty that lasts for generations in love, harmony and wealth get exactly what they live daily

Insights on Family Business
A Family Constitution: On paper alone or lived with head, heart & soul?

A difference to think about.  Last year, a multi-generational global Indian family business, say *Shah Family shared with us that they had drafted their written constitution with their advisors in a period of a few months but were unsuccessful in implementing the same and at the same time, they were finding themselves lost since there

Insights on Family Business Insights on Governance
Family councils – A body of differentiation for continuity of growth, unity, and harmony

Undoubtedly, Indian family businesses are going through a perfect storm of changes in the business environment, the political landscape, the supporting forces of the west, the technology upheaval, our country’s internal ecosystem restructuring and the shift of power from the far east to India. This perfect storm presents an unprecedented opportunity for those who choose

Insights on Family Business
Succession Planning – A Hope for Prevailing Love and Wealth

Many Indian family businesses have expressed that they have faced severe challenges in the last couple of years for their family businesses to find their long-term navigation coordinates.  We came across some of those family businesses whose long-term navigation coordinates are found missing, and the near-term ones were also almost non-existent or cloudy at best.