The practice of Family Business

Developing an accountable family business ownership

When owners start talking about their rights rather than their responsibilities, a family business is in trouble“. – Smith Lanier  Most family businesses today are battling the challenge of ownership and succession from one generation to the other.   In one such conversation with a family of 4 brothers with nearly 7 next generation ownership members,

A lived family constitution

A constitution that is not just on paper, but lived in head, heart and soul of all members of the family  Family business is the most prevalent and pervasive form of business through all of history, and yet only recently has the world begun to recognise the importance and distinctiveness of the family-owned firms.   Success

Succession will test your family’s bonds

The clients I worked with, with net worth of above €1 billion family businesses’ faced worst crisis during succession They witnessed the crisis of emotions amongst people who raised them and later saw a sword hanging over their own financial, relational and emotional future.   Fortunately, clients who admitted long back that they would come to

The fusion of science and spirituality leads to perennial growth: A family constitution embeds both

Science is about proven knowledge and spirituality is about the unproven but felt. Your behaviour or your conduct is proven but the authenticity of your behaviour originates from the realms of unproven and unattested. What matters to the outer reality is your behaviour. But what will bring long-term results irrespective of the behavior (that are

Leadership Development Of Your Successor

Once upon a time there was a man who had a vision and began pursuing it. Two others saw that the first man had a vision and began following him. In time, the children of those who followed asked their parents to describe what they saw. But what their parents described appeared to be the