By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 3, 2023 in Insights on Family Business


The institutionalisation of the family is a major step of the century. This step will impact further centuries. This depends on the ideas, assumptions, and the motive it has been designed for. 

Many family businesses remain fixed on a point. When they speak to even the niche of the family advisors and experts, they alluded to the incorrect motive behind the constitution. 

The advisors and family engage in primarily either a defensive mode of thinking (avoidance) – having a constitution so that certain circumstances, situations, and consequences are avoided, or they engage in having a constitution so that certain things are gained, secured, and grown. 

In the avoidance category – they are driven by thoughts of avoiding the complexity around succession planning, avoiding conflicts & disputes, or avoiding unpleasant relationship experiences due to wealth and non-wealth reasons.

In the gaining category – they are driven by thoughts of building a legacy of spiritual abundance, prosperity, and success, gaining and keeping love in the family that lasts or gaining peace & harmony.

Both the above – avoidance and gaining category are not correct reasons. That is where most of the people usually focus. Of course, the topics of wealth, succession, and so forth are crucial – but – they form the body and not the mind, heart and soul of the constitution.

They aren’t wrong to think that way. It’s just they are not looking at the causality. This means the wealth, sustenance of wealth, succession planning complexities, conflicts, legacy, peace, harmony, success, and prosperity – ARE ALL EFFECTS.  Effects can be understood as results in the form of negative consequences or positive consequences. Both are effects. The thing is, the effects are like symptoms. They are not in existence without a cause.

The effects to avoid, keep up with, and grow perpetually depend on one singular cause – The consciousness of the family.

It is this consciousness that will bring all the evils to the surface in the form of effects, or it can bring heaven on the surface as an effect, and it can continue forever as long as the sublime consciousness of the family remains.

Remember: Only limitlessness can give birth to limitlessness. A limited thing can never give limitless experience. Only something truly infinite can produce infinite results in the effect of wealth, success, prosperity, abundance, love, and harmony.

Wealth can be limited. Success can be limited. Prosperity can be limited. Abundance can stop after a while. Love can cease to exist. Harmony can get evaporated. They all are limited inherently.

However, the thing that can give their limitedness a limitlessness is something behind them, an infinite cause. An infinite cause which creates unendingly produced timelessly.

This infinite cause that is the reason for all limitless creation is consciousness.

A family business must understand that they must not fall prey to their fears and desires without limitless bearings. 

They must ask themselves – if they remove their consciousness, which dwells invisibly in their body, head, heart, and soul, how long will it take to lose everything they created with that consciousness?

Many books and expert consultants focus on the family constitution as a guidebook, rulebook or dictum on topics that the family constitution resolves. They aren’t wrong, but they aren’t complete in their perspective. This incompleteness will imbue in everything they communicate, convey, convince, and create. Their designs for the process will be focused on avoiding the negative consequences and gaining positive ones but not on how to keep the continuity of evolving the cause, which keeps the effects. 

Constitutional development must be designed to encapsulate and be driven by the holistic consciousness specific & unique to that family alone on the planet. This consciousness is the infinite creator which produces the limitless experience of all they ever live for and accomplish. This consciousness is the pervasive existence of the family’s head, heart, soul, and spirit—But One consciousness that all members imbibe. 

Let’s understand one thing: The constitution is CRITICAL for wealth, relationships, growth, social, abundance, and love. 

The constitution’s chapters require deep expertise in finance, inheritance, compensation, ownership structures, relationships, conflict & dispute resolution and management, and more. They are all technical subjects and require subject matter experts during the making. 

However, the chief architect and the chief designer of the family constitution must focus on placing all technical subjects in congruence and cohesion with the family’s consciousness. 

Only then will the family’s decisions on the technical subjects be reliable, and people can live, follow, and outgrow.

family consciousness

The above tree depicts the core concept of consciousness – giving direction, meaning, and cause behind all effects. The consciousness gets institutionalised during the process of making the constitution. 

The biggest advantage of institutionalised consciousness is – it gives one singular point of reference for all members irrespective of their generation and age gap. All decisions are viewed, debated, and formed from this shared consciousness. 

When the living constitution is designed well by making a constitution and governance, consciousness is instilled in every fabric of the family constitution.

Let me clarify further: 

The Indian Constitution is a masterpiece that embodies the very essence of India. Its creators understood that the only way to design such a document was to tap into the consciousness of the nation. But what exactly is India? It is an infinite soul that cannot be fully expressed in words, but only sensed and understood.

The Constitution stitches together all aspects of the country’s growth, development, citizen welfare, order, law, and more, born out of this consciousness. When the system lives and breathes the Constitution, this consciousness will flourish and bring about positive change that aligns with India’s true aspirations. Many advisors and practitioners understand this intuitively. What helps though is when these advisors and practitioners consciously walk the path creating the depth of experience from which when the constitution is made, it lasts, fulfilling its true promise easily, effectively, and enjoyably to eternity.

This topic is too rich and deep, and it requires maturity and humility to accept subtle, simpler truths of spirituality, humanity, love and their mystical connection with consciousness.

I hope I could give you the tip of the iceberg so that you find your quest clarified in your pursuit of constitutional development.