Enterprise Architecture is not an option if you want to expand and accelerate your business

Enterprise architecture is a discipline that makes a business perform with agility and cost-effectiveness. Hence, helping the business to leverage the market it delivers value to.

Developing the target operating model for business, communications, and technology

Technology is poised to bring competitive advantage if it has planned its deployment on a sound business operating model that holds the promise for delivering business results. Information & communication technology both need to have ground-up designed on top of a sound business operating model.

Given the discipline it takes to create a long-term advantage, practice of enterprise architecture must have adaptive methodology to continuously evolve operating models and work closely with business for any necessary inputs.

Building the enterprise architecture for efficacy and cost-control

Technology at enterprise level is expensive. The cost is only justified when from its inception until its retirement the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is excessively low. This low TCO is purely a relative term when we are defining an enterprise level technology operating model.

Thus, it must provide exceptional business results and for which enterprise architecture as a practice, discipline and function need to employ a high efficacy and cost management model.

Transitioning from fragmented technologies to a cohesive landscape of technologies as per competitive advantage aimed

Fragmented technology investments and deployment appears fast and cheap but soon businesses realise that they are trapped as their business complexity does not get supported with the fragmented technologies. Sometimes the trap can be more lethal than they can imagine.

We advise clients to create a long-term technology and enterprise architecture approach which forces businesses to invest not for ease and quickness but planned, method based, long term aware approach.

Architecting an integrated technology environment that is responsive to change

The purpose of technology is speed and accelerated market positioning that companies wish to gain & leverage on this position.

The purpose of enterprise architecture is to put technology responsible for adaptiveness to market demands, trend change and meeting any future aspirations in cost effective and high return way.

Developing high-level aspiration for a technology vision that delivers the competitive advantage and expected business value

Companies must create a technology vision to constantly evolve as per business goals. This technology vision must focus on creating the business value for its strategic advantage.

Developing the business architecture supporting the vision for reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

Neither the technology is responsible directly, nor it knows how to create business value, but it helps business accomplish the desired value in accelerated form, cost-effective way and supports in competitive advantage. For this though, technology architecture requires to juxtapose with the business architecture.

At SOCH, we help our clients to build a robust business architecture that then becomes a bedrock for sound technology architecture to support business in achieving its goals.

Developing the information and communications architecture for increased value capture

Companies have technology estates, but the key is to create a business savvy information and communication model to create customers, to support customers, retain customers and increase customer intimacy.

Developing the landscape of application architecture for internal and market-facing capabilities

In technology world, the interaction points for customers and any stakeholder to gain advantage will be application architecture of the entire landscape. This is an interface layer that takes most judgments for customers and consumers. The application architecture must have rightful design in place to capture maximum value.

We help design the entire portfolio of applications to be placed as per the business rationale and sponsoring aspirations.

Building a virtualized infrastructure that supports the information model and the augmentation as per the business growth

Cost for technology when you have multi-site operations or stakeholder integrations, or both can be daunting to even the big budget companies for IT.

It is, hence, crucial to look for means and ways that saves business costs and supports best experience that business wants for competitive advantage.

Developing an accelerated strategy evangelizing platforms as per the social media and relevant forces of PESTLE

Business intelligence is crucial for making fast tactical and strategic decisions. The social media platforms deliver colossal number of cues and clues for business intelligence engine to collect and churn out useful insights for business leaders and strategists to take into consideration.

Ensuring benefit realisation as per the investment case

Above all, enterprise architecture has a massive cost-base and only way to ensure that it delivers its promise is via a structured technology governance.

This is specialised discipline, and it costs dear having it but it would cost much dearer to not have it.

The big advantage of technology governance is to ensure that every digital pulse that the IT estate holds is of value to business, and it also manages technology risk that can damage business continuity.