Leadership begins with your relationship with yourself. Period.

A lot has been said about leadership. Let us focus on what really matters: Results.

Leadership does not come with inspirational thinking or fancy ideas. It comes with disciplined thoughts and consistent actions on daily basis. This is what differentiates the leaders who bring sustainable results and those who keep trying.

Our core mantra of Thinking, Doing & Leading has helped transform our clients into leaders capable to deliver an adaptable, resilient, and high-returns businesses and organisations.

Leadership is about delivering business results. Our leadership practice helps our clients forge long-standing trust in their business relationships. Our practice helps business owners and leaders at all levels of the organisation develop the leadership language, perspectives, knowledge, skills and systems to solve strategic problems with clarity and confidence. Over the years, we have helped 150+ leaders across five continents, build and run successful multi-billion dollar enterprises through our leadership practice.

While going through leadership transformations, our clients demonstrate a 360o personal and professional change leading to multi-dimensional results. It is simply remarkable when our clients after three years of their journey, are ready to take up, with ease, the challenge of bringing their organisations to tap into the planet-size opportunity.

What You Can Expect

Personal Leadership

Clarifying beliefs. Shaping relationships. Accomplishing goals.

  • Developing personal-leadership via custom designed programs
  • Dealing with inner conflicts and understanding your own thinking
  • Dealing with difficult emotions and champion the resolve for leading self
  • Personalised leadership coaching & mentoring
  • Developing an awareness of the story you tell yourself
  • Meet your beliefs live and real
  • Developing the self-concept and evolving personal leadership
  • Broadening the leadership horizon
  • Improving the leadership awareness
  • Inducing leadership mindsets, habits, and practices
  • Improving the dialogue with self
  • Identifying your leadership genesis
  • Developing leadership confidence and trust
  • Delivering spiritual awakening via Spirit-RealityTM
  • Building resolve for leadership
  • Improving leadership presence and communication via silence
  • Develop the leadership grit and overcome fears
  • Developing leadership emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • Creating personal transformations via micro habits
  • Developing the attitude of kindness, peace and empathy

Business leadership

Discovering purpose. Aligning people. Delivering outcomes.

  • Developing business leadership for results
  • Defining your business leadership for a new era
  • Building leadership for profitable growth
  • Transitioning to new leadership roles
  • Leadership capability development
  • Leadership skill development
  • Developing leadership for bold results
  • Discovering your leadership purpose
  • Understanding the global economic environment and its interdependencies
  • Leading teams for high-performance results
  • Live executive coaching
  • Leadership problem-solving and direction-setting
  • Developing leadership communication
  • Transforming leadership via SOCH Identity and Potential FrameworkTM
  • Developing leadership effectiveness and resilience
  • Leading with purpose and meaning
  • Developing leadership structure and system for exceptional growth
  • Leadership negotiations and conversational intelligence
  • Principle-centric leadership development
  • Leading effectively in crisis
  • Championing the psychology of change
  • Leading teams to perform with care and inventiveness

Women Leadership

Building perspectives. Defining direction. Guiding actions.

  • Identifying and developing your leadership identity
  • Developing your personal brand in your business
  • Identifying and developing your motivations, values and strengths
  • Defining your vision statement for your leadership
  • Defining your personal positioning and advocate for yourself
  • Creating a network of inviduals who support your mission
  • Developing positive assertiveness for difficult conversatios in business
  • Developing skills for effective and productive communication in array of contexts: informal, formal and when stakes are high
  • Taking charge of your happiness and energy in Indian social and business environment
  • Strategies and techniques for making your voice heard
  • Develop an approach for risk assessment and build a risk-appetite
  • Expand your knowledge of strategy, negotiation, communication and leadership
  • Manage conflicts and drive change
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your most powerful capabilities in chaotic, uncertain and also structured environments
  • Manage change, negotiate successfully and lead your business for greater profits
  • Develop a fully articulated voice and vision of personal development including your wellness

Client Results


Boost in personal and business performance delivering (Bold)2 results

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