Driving long-term profitability requires purpose-centricity – this is business leadership.

At SOCH, business leadership comes at the forefront of delivering long-term results. We believe business leadership is not for the faint-hearted specially those who commit to create a future state that fosters prosperity and continuity.

Business leadership begins with the purpose

Purpose powers long-term energies of the entire organisation, focusing on a singular mission to achieve. It puts laser-sharp clarity from top-man to the last-man and helps achieve a marvellous job of not giving room to confusion and complacency.

Profitability is literally an outcome. In other words, an end result of the cumulative collective thinking and action, as per the purpose and systems defined to act.

Business leadership – Leading your business for future to be created

Creating the future that matters comes when the leaders converge all energies and focus resources into making a difference in their customer’s lives such that the continuity, profitability and identity of the business grows.

Business leadership is not about being motivated or inspired, but it is about ensuring that leader delivers the results. It is about a systematic approach from start till finish, to deliver change, progress and impact.

The core accountability of the leader is towards the creation of future. The results have to be delivered. In delivering results, the long-term accountability is to not lose sight of the purpose (the soul of the business).

Business leadership is a marathon, not a sprint

It is natural for leaders to get side-tracked. We all do.

The role of leadership coach is to ensure that the true potential of the leaders is not left to the future to unfold but its in practice on daily basis. This does not happen via talks or conversations, but it is similar to a football player being coached in the field. It requires skills, capabilities, maturity, perspectives, tools and techniques to deliver business leadership.

The loss when you don’t work on your business leadership

  • You may have money in your bank account, but never feel successful.
  • You may have a profitable business, but not continuity for generations.  
  • Customers may know you but not the brand identity.
  • You may have the potential, but your teams may not be carrying your potential.
  • This is what happens when business leadership is ignored. Have you ever felt this way?


Business leadership is not a nice-to-have but a must-have. Every business rests the potential of its leader, and this is not something that comes with the position but the very conscious effort to build your leadership for results. 

Don’t delay further to develop it consciously. It will never be the right time to begin working on your business leadership.