Family and Business

A vital function to define, keep and foster institutional trust and character

Our ambitious clientele looking for global standards require governing and operating structures that support their vision. Our practice of Business Governance handholds them in fulfilling their ambitions through an extensively designed governance implemented with a team of global experts.

What Business governance is and how does it help?

Governance is about the time you dedicate to work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ it. This includes all the checks and balances you put in place to ensure that your business runs smoothly, meets its objectives, and stays out of trouble.

Governance also means getting expert advice on matters you don’t yet know enough about, plus the support required when making big decisions. Governance includes all the practices, processes, and policies that help you guide your business in the right direction. Any task that focuses on the ‘big picture’ is part of Business Governance.

How Governance Helps

How SOCH can help

This practice of SOCH helps our clients to build an enterprise-wide system for trust and character. Most family businesses in India lack systemic-level governance, making it difficult to grow beyond a certain level. This practice has helped our clients develop mechanisms to ensure control, manage risks and diversify with ease and efficiency. Governance may seem less important, but in reality, it is a critical function for businesses to avoid unwarranted loss of financial capital, human capital, morale capital and social capital.

Our practice of Governance includes:

Facilitating working groups, knowledge groups and various forums for internal compliance

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Systems for growth, success, and abundance

Systems have existed even before humans came on this planet. Systems are not new. Nature operates out of systems (whether we are aware of them or not) Nature is so perfected in its goal to maintain harmony and balance that humans, till date, are amateurs in understanding this systems’ complexities.   We all know nothing yet feel

(Measurable cost & also, immeasurable)

Family business history contains many examples of what can happen without an effective governance.  Emotions among even a handful of shareholders can erupt into clashes that disrupt future goals & planning, tie up families in court for years and drain all tangible and intangible value. Case:   The scenario: One of the family businesses, in 2014,

Long-term growth-centric businesses are establishing the DISCIPLINE OF BUSINESS GOVERNANCE. Do you intend for long-term growth?

Lately, multi-generational family businesses to non-family businesses havebegun asking us the following questions: “Is Governance a fancy new term that makes you look good, or does itoffer a serious long-term sustainable advantage?”An offer that doesn’t limit to your business bottom lines but all stakeholders involved in your growth grows. Is Governance a complexity added to