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A collection of our insights developed for you from our real-time client engagements, solving their problems and delivering progress.

An invitation for irrecoverable loss: A delayed succession planning

Why do family businesses in India suffer to the point of their extinction or irrecoverable deterioration when placing a rightful successor? Why do most UHNI and HNI families even accept a painful, heart-wrenching, and gut-wrenching experience, despite succession planning methods, processes, and transitions available to them? Too few family businesses admit to accepting the pain

Stopping at 99%

It is not uncommon to see owners reach at 99% and take forever to cross the remaining 1% to make important decisions. Wonder Why? Sometimes the time distance between the owner’s position movement from 99% to 1% is forever stretched.  Many asked us why we haven’t helped them cross the 1% faster than they were able

Ownership thinks in money and leadership thinks in time

Its rather funny and even grave when you notice that leading family businesses haven’t yet formally decided (and if decided then acted) on timely succession.  Why so?  Why family-owned businesses’ stewards or the current generation legal ownership and operating command do not begin formal succession until they reach age tipping point or ailments or a combination

Don’t wait for lows to make upgrades in your leadership. Make it a habit to continually transform your relationship with yourself.

Don’t wait for lows to make upgrades in your leadership. Make it a habit to continually transform your relationship with yourself.– in other words, your Leadership capacity. Let’s first debunk a few myths straight away that affect your Leadership directly:  I will get wiser with age  I will get experience with age  I will get sharper

Get your business growing to new heights using leadership and not an ownership mindset 

First, I would like to thank several business owners (Indian and global owners) who trusted us for making a critical transition in them – Moving from ownership thinking to leadership thinking, doing, and leading for results.  To be an owner is challenging for sure. It takes incredible strength to pull the business as an owner. It takes grit

In making of the family constitution – Who should be involved? 

Many esteemed business families ask us who should be a part of making of the constitution?  Our response consistently is – All those who will be living the constitution must be involved in order to have the expected outcomes delivered i.e., the constitution must preserve, protect and prevail love, growth and prosperity.  We understand that

Still Thinking Why To Have Everlasting Success & Harmony Institutionalised In Your Family Business? 

Not yet have a constitutional system in the family for perennial growth & harmony – Is it because you have frozen feet, or you are frozen by status quo or worse, frozen motive?  Let’s look at the sharply rising external environment in which family businesses compete:  A vertical growth prospect – from today in 2022

No Business Has Winning Results Without a Leadership Backbone Delivering (Bold)2 Results

Have you ever wondered the difference between a leader and leadership? Did it ever occur that the way you lead yourself directly affects your leadership quality at the display for others to be led for results? If you have, did it come to your awareness how significant impact your relationship with yourself is in demonstrating

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