A collection of our latest insights to help family businesses establish rightful governance practices for their institutional trust and character.

(Measurable cost & also, immeasurable)

Family business history contains many examples of what can happen without an effective governance.  Emotions among even a handful of shareholders can erupt into clashes that disrupt future goals & planning, tie up families in court for years and drain all tangible and intangible value. Case:   The scenario: One of the family businesses, in 2014,

Long-term growth-centric businesses are establishing the DISCIPLINE OF BUSINESS GOVERNANCE. Do you intend for long-term growth?

Lately, multi-generational family businesses to non-family businesses havebegun asking us the following questions: “Is Governance a fancy new term that makes you look good, or does itoffer a serious long-term sustainable advantage?”An offer that doesn’t limit to your business bottom lines but all stakeholders involved in your growth grows. Is Governance a complexity added to

Family Constitution & Family Governance Increase Your Acceleration For Hyper Business Growth

Family constitution and family governance increase your acceleration for hyper business growth.  Rhetoric, but let us ask:  Should you care to have your family constitution & governance?  In our work as a specialized consultant to global UHNIs & HNIs of family enterprises, we learned that mainly Indian family businesses are on the brink of permanent success with

Money or Wealth or Dynasty?

The difference of the above three creates or destroys family businesses beyond their 2nd or 3rd generation Truth #1:  Family business focusing on earning money get money. Truth #2:  Family business focusing on earning money get wealth. Truth #3:  Family businesses focusing on creating a dynasty that lasts for generations in love, harmony and wealth get exactly what they live daily

Family councils – A body of differentiation for continuity of growth, unity, and harmony

Undoubtedly, Indian family businesses are going through a perfect storm of changes in the business environment, the political landscape, the supporting forces of the west, the technology upheaval, our country’s internal ecosystem restructuring and the shift of power from the far east to India. This perfect storm presents an unprecedented opportunity for those who choose