About SOCH

What We Do

We help you see your world differently, become industry leaders and achieve results that you dream for yourself and your future generations.

About SOCH

What We Do

We help you see your world differently, become industry leaders and achieve results that you dream for yourself and your future generations.

An Ode to Our Profession

  • Every profession gives its practitioner a unique opportunity to serve humanity. Ours is special in many ways, we believe.
  • We believe our profession holds a responsibility to help, guide, nurture and grow family businesses.
  • We believe our profession cares and takes accountability for developing economic, social, personal, and even spiritual well-being. This accountability is to excel in solving problems such that the set of solutions put together architect, design and build a well-run business enterprise.
  • We believe our profession is noble in making every pursuit for businesses worthwhile by delivering sustainably profitable growth for an enterprise.
  • In doing so, we aim to impact human lives with prosperity, happiness, and abundance;
  • In doing so, we aim to create a better future for the generations ahead;
  • In doing so, we aim to develop leaders for creating a high-impact future for businesses they run and communities they operate in.
  • We believe our profession helps us remind that it is our moral obligation to help our clients solve their problems in ways that push the human race forward – One step at a time. One family business at a time.
  • We owe our allegiance to our profession and gratitude to our clients who give us this opportunity to practice our profession every day.
  • We commit to transforming family businesses, their people and nations.

We believe love is the most significant competitive advantage for a family business

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients create purposeful, profitable, and lasting institutions ever-growing in their global repute.

Guided by Our Core Values

Relentless Commitment

We commit ourselves to deliver (Bold)2 results. We do this by aligning with our clients’ business purpose, mission and long-term success definition. In doing so we commit to the highest level of client privacy, confidentiality, and ethical standards in everything we do.

We are committed. At times, we have let go of new assignments if they showed even a minute possibility of revealing our existing clients privacy and confidentiality.


We believe that no problem can be solved in its entirety without real empathy. We strive to make our clients feel felt, enabling us to deliver results that matter. Empathy with wisdom can solve even the greatest problems – we believe.

Empathy has helped us in one of our family constitution projects, helping a father and son get over their painful relationship dynamics where silent anger had lasted for more than 15 years. It took us real empathy and years of practised skills to resolve such problems.


We invest our collective efforts, energies and expertise to help our clients create the future that matters to them.

1+1=11 is easier said than done. And once it is done, even more challenging to keep it consistently growing. Even when 40 team members work on a project, our projects are silent with the highest returns as a giant submarine under water with a stealth focus on its route to accomplishment.

Honesty & Openness

We believe in honesty and for which our allegiance is to the family businesses we serve. We ensure that we always put the real picture in front of the clients to consider, remaining open to being challenged and corrected. Easy, we believe, is the enemy of the best.

Family Businesses, at times, fail to recognise where the problem lies. Our value of honesty allows us to help our clients find and deal with the real problems. This helps them attain increased ROI and improved relationship strength and satisfaction.


As our founder says, “The highest order of fairness is to be true to yourself”. If you are true to yourself, you cannot be unfair to anyone else. Play as you would want to be played, a simple value we live each day, helping us never to lose mutual respect.

Our value of fairness has allowed us to impartially listen to the varying opinions of all family business members on a particular topic and steer them all in the direction that is right for the collective future of the family business.

Continuous Improvement

We are humans. We make mistakes. We learn. We improve. We grow. We believe in pushing boundaries – mental, emotional and intellectual. At SOCH, we believe the spirit of excellence grows when we focus more on our character to bring success.To help our clients genuinely get world-class results, we strive to improve continuously.

We have set up internal and external systems to help us improve daily and get 0.1% better each day. We improve, and we help our clients do the same.

Founder’s Story

Born in the 4th generation of a progressive family business (114 family members), I had known nothing but the joy of being born in a happy, united and established family business. As I grew, I saw and noticed how quickly the mighty could fall. The fall of 4 generations of a family business in just 25 years soon after I was born. My flourishing family business had simply vanished.

It took me some time to have gratitude for this phase of my life as it eventually led me to a soul-searching experience for figuring out what really happened? How could such a united family with 100 years of togetherness, growth and progress just cease to exist? How could the house with acres of farming land struggle to find its members contented in the same home as they were born? How did it all happen? And, mainly, why?

The pain I saw and endured and the reflection of the events gave me a new perspective. A perspective that is shaped out of learnings, wisdom, education and experience. It became my lifetime pursuit to create unending joy, meaning, growth and abundance for the family businesses. It just mattered so much that an unwavering devotion began roughly 25 years ago to help family businesses create, sustain and grow in love and success. It just mattered and still does. A sincere thank you to my teachers, clients, family, bosses and mentors, and many abundantly wise colleagues with whom I have worked.

What drives me everyday and keeps me going is why should family businesses only survive when they are meant to thrive perpetually..

Our Credo

It is relatively easier to envision what a business wants to achieve but without a set of responsibilities that the business binds itself to, it remains only a wish and not the reality as your envisioned. For years, we have been truly honouring our credo to guide us in our choices..

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Our Space Committing to the Promise of Helping Family Businesses Last and Thrive

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