Money or Wealth or Dynasty?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 25, 2022 in Insights on Family Business, Insights on Governance

Money or Wealth or Dynasty?

The difference of the above three creates or destroys family businesses beyond their 2nd or 3rd generation

Truth #1: 

Family business focusing on earning money get money.

Truth #2: 

Family business focusing on earning money get wealth.

Truth #3: 

Family businesses focusing on creating a dynasty that lasts for generations in love, harmony and wealth get exactly what they live daily for – a dynastic family business with opulence & abundance

Which truth from the above listed three alternatives that you live every day? Where is your focus, really?

Which of the above truth you find in your self-talks and therefore constantly shaping your actions everyday?

Which truth are you constantly allowing yourself to think in your silence, feel and live daily? What in your truest intent are you weaving, living, and actioning daily?

The truth you think, the reality you get.

The truth you feel, the reality you get.

The truth you act upon, the reality you get.

There are no two-ways in this. It is binary – either zero or one. Of course, we have a wonderfully delusional mind that creates safeguarding excuses only to keep us away from manifesting our wishes and dreams.

You cannot be constantly living the Truth #1 and your reality will turn suddenly & luckily turn into Truth #3, that is, creating a long-term dynastic family business.

Rest assured, it won’t. And you know this.

If you believe in laws of universe then it applies straight away to the truth you are living in your heartbeat every pulse.

  • Meaning, if you are living truth #1 – everything is cost centric, and every growth will mean incurring cost and managing cost. Your time horizon when you want money can never exceed in your decisions for money beyond two quarters or maximum of four quarters.
  • Meaning, if you are living truth #2, everything is about winning with edge or making profits. Your time horizon when you want wealth can never exceed two years or five years.
  • Meaning, if you are living truth #3, everything is about building, winning, and creating a legacy of identity first & foremost and then creating abundance by making profits and living purpose at the same time. Your time horizon here is twenty, thirty or even fifty years & beyond.

When you believe you have family business and you are responsible for creating a formidable world-recognized, reputed, and highly valued brand and character-led institution then the virtue of wealth gets pulled to you. Your discipline is drawn from scientific approaches and methods that you to progress in leaps and bounds, effortlessly and boundlessly.

Make this clarity.

Make this choice every day.

And see the difference in proportion to how much you truly live in your head, heart, and soul every day in every possible way. The reality of abundance, love, harmony, and success will draw to you and will continue for generations ahead in successful and dynastic way.

It is entirely your responsibility to be true to your own self, help yourself and your brothers to live the unique thought you hold about yourself and family and family business identity as an institution.

Once you make a choice of which truth you want to live; make a commitment to the bits of your thinking, your doing, and leading begins aligning in terms of time, energy and momentum for generations to come and all for abundance and venerable dynasty of yours.

Of course, stating such is easy and looks simple and yet not many Walton’s of world are there who are on a personal net worth of INR 17,85,000 Crore. Not many are at even hundredth of this net worth.

In order to make this easy looking and simple sounding theme come true in practically happening, you need to turn to science. The science of emotions, science of decisions & decision-making, science of communication, science of social-science, science of time, energy and momentum, science of conflict, dispute and relationship health, and science of everything else that comes between the emotional dimension of family and the progressive prosperity generating dimension of business.

What professional services firms such as ours do is to develop a framework and method that helps family businesses engage in the process that is atomically designed with the dearest depth of science and various disciplines.

We encourage family businesses to seek help for their transformation and not let go of the only irreversible element in universe that is time. Make your truth lived by every member every day to build a uniquely placed dynasty in future that lasts. All the very best to your endeavors for the same. It is simply the biggest of all responsibility that the family stewards owe to the future and even current generation. I hope this helps!