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SOCH Business Mentors LLP

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Family business history contains many examples of what can happen without an effective governance.  Emotions among even a handful of shareholders can erupt into clashes that disrupt future goals & planning, tie up families in court for years and drain all tangible and intangible value. Case:   The scenario: One of the family businesses, in 2014,

Is your business effective and efficient?

When owners speak, they usually use significantly far meaning terms interchangeably. Two of the most common terms that are critical to differentiate are – efficiency and effectiveness.  Efficiency is doing the things right, but effectiveness is doing the right things.  So, is your business doing least effective things highly efficiently?   Is your business least efficient in

What is a beautiful business? 

Have you ever asked yourself what beautiful means?  Have you wondered what a beautiful business then is? Why does having a beautiful business truly matter?  Why creating a beautiful business means you will have lasting success? I share a perspective here, and you, if you wish, you could share yours via emailing it to me.

Are mentors important?

Mentors are individuals who have walked the path and accomplished the outcomes. More importantly, they have distilled their entire experience of achieving their goals into human and spiritual elements. Meaning, they are the practitioners who have realised their dream and learnt that nothing they began with or end picture they held, was instrumental in their

What ensures that a family’s timeless wants are met?

Usually, family businesses with lasting legacies have these 3 timeless wants:  For these wants to become a reality, it is considered that institutionalized approach provides greater chances of success to build a lasting legacy.   If institutionalisation of family holds a tall order to deliver eternity of success, harmony, abundance and meaning, then the only hope

A perspective on: Becoming the de-facto choice of customers for your consistent growth A perspective on: 

In any business, the growth levers are considered as sales, marketing, and branding. Of course, product manufacturing and service deliveries are all crucial. But it all matters only when the customers make that buying decision.   And growth comes when before the customer makes that buying decision to fulfil their goals, they already have your product

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