SOCH Business Mentors LLP

SOCH Business Mentors LLP

We work with leaders and family businesses to build lasting legacy.

Leadership is seeing in the mirror, or even in your daughter’s eyes, and being able to say “I am proud of what I am committed to create.”

Leadership is based on authenticity.   Authenticity is a developable skill and not a virtue. Its intentional development stems from the belief that you have an irreplaceable uniqueness in the world. However, this authenticity is only truly expressed when you commit to being honest with yourself for the entirety of your life.  This is hard for

Dear next generation, can we have a word?

In the past 4 months of 2024, I have nearly interacted with nearly 15 next generations leaders (the ones who have recently returned from their international education and the ones who have been the part of business for quite some time).   In all these interactions, one common theme that I observed was: All of these

Ownership thinks in money. Stewardship thinks in legacy and time.

It is rather funny and concerning even when you notice that leading family businesses haven’t yet formally decided (and if decided then acted) on timely succession.   Why so?   Why family-owned businesses’ ownership and operating command do not begin formal succession until they reach age tipping point or ailments or a combination of both?   Why, at

How to buy a consulting service

Omg! Why so pric ey? Our suggestion: Learn to buy Snippet of a live conversation:  Client (say Mr. Sanjeev): I am buying this constitutional project in million dollars — how do I justify the price?  Me: Let us deepen your perspective and get some clarity here – you are not paying the price for a

Developing an accountable family business ownership

When owners start talking about their rights rather than their responsibilities, a family business is in trouble“. – Smith Lanier  Most family businesses today are battling the challenge of ownership and succession from one generation to the other.   In one such conversation with a family of 4 brothers with nearly 7 next generation ownership members,

Choose your worry

A 1938 EST, Indian family business in Malaysia that later shifted base to Singapore, and for 78+ years now, they are enjoying the finest what life with prosperity and family with love can offer.   The chairman of this company has been working on his chairman transformation program for over 9 months.   In a recent program engagement, where

Leadership dilemmas – Our teachers of growth

Dilemmas come to those who want to expand their heart and create a future that counts. There are no dilemmas for leaders who give up or worst, give in. These teachers are crucial and were valued by leaders like Nelson Mandela during times when his peaceful protest was met with heightened force and violent suppression.

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