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SOCH Business Mentors LLP

On what factors the next generation turns out as an ultra-high-value asset or the one who always needs help to align and perform?

Have you come across in your or other multigenerational family business where cousins and brothers hold wonderful asset-class business capabilities, delivering a consistent long-term thrive and success to your family enterprise?  Did you notice the sheer presence of their produce stunning growth effects?  Did it occur to you how the family would have developed such

How does the constitution restrict freedom or unleashes it?

A typical question that reveals one major hesitation among multigenerational family businesses is their freedom.  Some feel that having a family constitution restricts their lifestyle and access to wealth.  Some feel that it may even affect their share of ownership, and uncertainty about it makes them freeze in their minds.  Others feel that if a

How does the constitution help build family legacies?

Have you ever been to a family where 158 (one hundred and fifty-eight) members of theirs are having dinner on one of their decided occasions in the year to meet, celebrate their unity, and express gratitude to their forefathers and mothers who gifted them such a rare and priceless feeling of love, wealth, power, and

TRANSFORMATION in the business Context

In the ’90s, Microsoft pioneered a powerful phenomenon of penetrating people’s minds with the next technology they would introduce. They were so amazing in marketing (Why shouldn’t they be? They were burning mountains of cash like no one for decades on marketing). Because of their marketing, they were able to attract people especially high-end users

Is building your legacy a sheer philanthropic feeling or a feeling of responsibility to timelessly enrich lives of people, pushing human race forward, and helping nation reach greatness it deserves? 

A lot of interesting debates are happening in circles of family businesses such as follows:  (All below are discussed in Hindi and Gujarati language and for authenticity purpose converted unchanged as-is in English language below. We added no alterations.)  (1) I am first generation and turned 54 today. I wonder if all these years pay

Long-term growth-centric businesses are establishing the DISCIPLINE OF BUSINESS GOVERNANCE. Do you intend for long-term growth?

Lately, multi-generational family businesses to non-family businesses havebegun asking us the following questions: “Is Governance a fancy new term that makes you look good, or does itoffer a serious long-term sustainable advantage?”An offer that doesn’t limit to your business bottom lines but all stakeholders involved in your growth grows. Is Governance a complexity added to

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