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Family Business Succession Challenge – Part 2

To all those worried and concerned family businesses who read and gave beautiful scintillating feedback on the article on the succession challenge sent on 15 November, the team at SOCH and I want to thank you from the soul of our company. Going over 150 replies in the form of emails, voice mails, short videos

Family Business Succession Challenge

Your next generation holds no genuine interest nor an intention to transform your legacy Have you wondered what it takes to create a dream? Did you see any family business that lasts 16 generations and are having diverse individuals sitting across the dinning table with multigenerational presence? Did you see any family and happen to

Leading teams

A quick recap of the previous part of this article: At SOCH, we believe we have created an atmosphere where there are 3 essential things we take care of, to transform a group into a team and then transcend them into a force of good. (A disclaimer: We are not perfect at all but a

What is required for running an organisation in today’s world?

When we consult our clients for their cashflows to break 10-figure upwards yearly revenue, it is often a debate where they ask — “What truly running an organisation involves?” There are two ways to approach this question: Way 1: A profitable company If you are primarily aiming to build prosperity by delivering high-competence, high-performance and

Money, Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance

A MATTER OF YOUR CHOICE FOR GROWING FORTUNE Have you ever wondered what prosperity means? Did you ask your beloved wife that darling, do you need money or need prosperity or need wealth? – And was she able to share her pearls of wisdom on the same? Did it ever occur to you that money grows to

Leading Teams

What is a team. Have you wondered? On your business floor are your teams: a! – A group of people b! – A group of people who put work first c! – A group of people who put company first d! – A group of people who put customer first e! – A group of

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