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Family Businesses, Give resolve and get yourself saved from the worst of fate

It doesn’t matter how and how much you allocate meaning to one of the many below-stated words that give aroma and sense of this profoundly important word – Resolve.  Resolve can mean any of the below words’ sense and meaning to your heart.  Determination, resolution, firmness of purpose, persistence of purpose, purpose, purposefulness, resoluteness, single-mindedness,

3 MOST COMMON MISTAKES by family businesses that jeopardises their hopes and progress while embarking on the journey of institutionalisation 

Since 2018, our research arm interacted with 300 UHNW & HNW multi-generational families. The aim was to intently understand what, in their experience, was their biggest mistake when embarking on their dream of building a generationally thriving family. The three mistakes that family businesses realised while making their constitution are as follows:  Mistake #1:THE MISTAKE OF

11 Success factors to consider while choosing the process and expertise to make your family constitution

A successful family constitution is much more than a piece of paper. It is, instead, “paper in action.”  If you want the ‘paper in action’, then you must know and assess the two critical enablers:  Evaluating the above two is simple if you know what you want i.e. your dream for a family’s perpetual abundance,


What is a constitution?   Please write your definition. Do write it based on what your definition is – not what you think is right.   Compare what you intend to accomplish in future against the definition that you wrote.  Does your constitutional definition deliver the expected future that you intend to manifest? Let us see with

What Issues For The Family Does Its Family Constitution Remove?

This is one of the most common questions asked by a family businesses entering their third generation in the next 3-5 years. They said we struggle to understand what precisely will get solved if we take on this vital long-term task for our family. By this question, they do not mean benefits which is an


The institutionalisation of the family is a major step of the century. This step will impact further centuries. This depends on the ideas, assumptions, and the motive it has been designed for.  Many family businesses remain fixed on a point. When they speak to even the niche of the family advisors and experts, they alluded

What is a beautiful business? 

Have you ever asked yourself what beautiful means?  Have you wondered what a beautiful business then is? Why does having a beautiful business truly matter?  Why creating a beautiful business means you will have lasting success? I share a perspective here, and you, if you wish, you could share yours via emailing it to me.

What ensures that a family’s timeless wants are met?

Usually, family businesses with lasting legacies have these 3 timeless wants:  For these wants to become a reality, it is considered that institutionalized approach provides greater chances of success to build a lasting legacy.   If institutionalisation of family holds a tall order to deliver eternity of success, harmony, abundance and meaning, then the only hope

Your approach of constitution-making determines its success or failure 

Recently, we have come across many family businesses who have a constitution and yet, they find it completely worthless as it is nothing more that a book on the table. This isn’t a new problem. In fact, many family businesses have burnt their hands by making their constitution without the understanding of what approach will

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