Design and implementation of family governance

Even the purest and most-consciously designed family constitutions fail to be executed due to poor governance design. Family governance is the system through which family constitutions can be executed and lived by every member of a family business. The results of a living family constitution and governance is remarkable.  

We, through our team of experts, have helped family businesses execute constitution and governance via carefully and methodically developed approaches, unique to each family business. 

Design and implementation of business governance 

Governance is about the time you dedicate to work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ it. This includes all the checks and balances you put in place to ensure that your business runs smoothly, meets its objectives, and stays out of trouble.

We help our clients design and implement an intertwined and integrated family business governance and risk management solutions. This helps our clients to focus on the essential controls that guides risk and rewards. The entire accountability structure in the family and the business plays a critical role in long-term success. For this, we design this structure as per the identity of the family business whilst being cognisant of the operating environment. 

Establishing enterprise-wide control, assurance, guidance, and compliance 

One of the key objectives of governance is to evaluate future risks and create the appropriate controls and mechanisms to mitigate or minimise the impact. The science of risk is complex – especially when the risk seems far, yet suddenly near. This nature of risk requires businesses to have effective risk modelling and size up the impact of risk, should it be realised.  

Developing the business risk management strategies 

Governance defines risk whereas management creates strategies to manage the risks within the accepted impact of the risk.  

We would with our family business clients to develop strategies for risk management for the family, the business and the ownership. Family businesses face plethora of risks such as risk of poor management, risk on not having next-in line leaders, financials risks, poor capital planning and similar.  

Protecting the identity and financial risks 

Governance needs to ensure that any strategy that the business makes, aligns with the overall business identity and character.  

We help our clients establish the required governance practices and mechanisms to mitigate and manage identity and financial risks.  

Culture of adherence with governing policies and rules is key that they get results from. 

Culture of adherence with governing policies and rules 

Most governance practices are easily designed but rarely implemented in full, to leverage its true potential. 

We work closely with our clients to ensure that a culture of governance is formed and each member in the organisation respects, supports and lives as per the policies and rules laid down by the governance.  

Setting the context for direction for leadership 

The broader operating environment in which the business and its customers are defines and informs governance members. This information is crucial to evaluate and make sense of the uncertainty business is requiring to create response for. This information when passed on to C-suite or leadership then it gives essential coordinates for direction of leadership. 

We help clients to develop methods and practices to create direction and provide sufficient data and evidences so that the winning strategy can be formulated. 

Stipulate the investment case, business case and a growth case.

The uncertainty of future and decoding right coordinated to chart out direction and strategy then requires to get accompanied by the supporting investment and business cases. This provides the ability and confidence to leadership and governance to sign off the strategies and required resources it would take.  

We help our clients in designing the effective investment cases and business cases to hold clarity that will form base of several decisions for the hope and bet on the growth of business in future. 

Developing the skills and mental muscles for governance

The skills both, mental and technical is critical for governance members to hold. The position of governance requires strong academic and seasoned professional career that gives backbone to the entire future progress of the company. 

Risk management, portfolio analysis, opportunity audits to name few are tangible skills they must possess over and above top end business skills. 

We help our client to create a development plan for them. It helps them to develop their core strengths and skills essential for effective governance participation. 

Ensuring benefit realisation as per the investment case 

Benefit realisation of investment case is where the loop ends and it is governance key role to close this loop judiciously. The measurement, monitoring and controls accompanied with continuous learning are key instruments to provide sound justification of real benefits they achieved. 

We help clients to create a business wide controls and audit points for continuous measurement, monitoring and continuous learning from all controls. 

Spearheading the enterprise roadmap for capital and identity management 

For securing long term future and growing boundlessly takes championing the capital and identity management. Financial capital and social capital when weaved in carefully designed approach it gives balance of safeguarding and growth. Identity is crucial to force from behind the capital and creating easy road for growing capital with greater speed and lesser risks. 

We help our clients accomplish this with our dedicated approach of how to secure identity and augment it in turn protecting all interests of the business including capital protection and growth. 

Facilitating working groups, knowledge groups and various forums for internal compliance 

Internal active groups who debate on futuristic development that could be considered by board and management to formulate directions are key to contribute sound judgements. These groups & forums are structured in a way that innovation can be churned at high clock speed.  

We help our client to architect, design and execute the innovation centric collaboration platforms for these groups to function in systematic returning high value to business

Building and managing office of strategy management

Many of times, owners define the way forward in the abstract form. This poses certain risks which helps in defining the way forward and formulate a response in the form of strategy. The set of strategies that helps business to create an all-encompassing response to the challenges and opportunities that the governance wishes business to accomplish.

We help our clients to build and run office of strategy management that takes care as a single point of organisation and business strategy. 

Building and managing office of program and portfolio management 

For a business to win in competitive markets, there needs to be multiple change programs & initiatives running within the organisation to adapt and stay relevant to changing times.  

The office of program and portfolio management helps our clients run successful change initiatives and deliver unprecedented results.  

Over the years, we have established nearly 6 offices of program and portfolio management, successfully running and creating winning advantages for our clients .