Insights on Leadership

A collection of our latest insights to helps leaders maximize their effectiveness in an environment of increasing uncertainty and complexity.

Ownership thinks in money and leadership thinks in time

Its rather funny and even grave when you notice that leading family businesses haven’t yet formally decided (and if decided then acted) on timely succession.  Why so?  Why family-owned businesses’ stewards or the current generation legal ownership and operating command do not begin formal succession until they reach age tipping point or ailments or a combination

Don’t wait for lows to make upgrades in your leadership. Make it a habit to continually transform your relationship with yourself.

Don’t wait for lows to make upgrades in your leadership. Make it a habit to continually transform your relationship with yourself.– in other words, your Leadership capacity. Let’s first debunk a few myths straight away that affect your Leadership directly:  I will get wiser with age  I will get experience with age  I will get sharper

Get your business growing to new heights using leadership and not an ownership mindset 

First, I would like to thank several business owners (Indian and global owners) who trusted us for making a critical transition in them – Moving from ownership thinking to leadership thinking, doing, and leading for results.  To be an owner is challenging for sure. It takes incredible strength to pull the business as an owner. It takes grit

A Clarion call to family business owners:

When you pause your personal and business leadership development, you invite an illusion of success instead of achieving abundance that you believe and deserve  Family-owned businesses ask us in awe and even rivalry – How does the income of western companies grow in billions of dollars every quarter? What is the secret?  The vague yet straightforward answer

How to consistently create matter most results? — Have you considered taking the help of a decision coach?

Would you agree when someone confessed that they struggle to make decisions when emotions are involved? That they confess making a business decision on finance is far easier when compared to a decision about a family business in matters such as:   Who should be the next generation leader at the helm? How do I ask

Why honesty is so rare among us!

Back in times when people were honest, do you remember that time? If you are like I am and most of the people around, then frankly, we haven’t seen that era. There can be several observations we can make and deduce from them – many conclusions even, however, the observations and deductions are not going

How clear are you of your future at this very moment? and how certain?

You can only create a future that is clear in your sight and that you hold certainty of that future. It doesn’t take meditation to clarify what you want. It doesn’t take endless motivation to clarify what you truly want. It doesn’t take spiritual submission to a guru for learning what you want. It doesn’t

The Leadership Challege

For businesses today, striving for continuous effectiveness and innovation (of business ways and not only product innovation)is no longer an option – survival requires it. But in order to thrive in today’s economy, businesses must move beyond effectiveness and innovation alone, to significance which includes delivering impact to all its stakeholders. This made us question

Unlocking the inner mechanism for leadership

The business world is becoming increasingly complex. Each of us long to work with truly distinguished leaders. We have often heard people say that we would like to build a company where people would be valued and respected, no matter where you come from. A common belief is that smart people make the best leaders.

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