Insights on Leadership

A collection of our latest insights to helps leaders maximize their effectiveness in an environment of increasing uncertainty and complexity.

Are mentors important?

Mentors are individuals who have walked the path and accomplished the outcomes. More importantly, they have distilled their entire experience of achieving their goals into human and spiritual elements. Meaning, they are the practitioners who have realised their dream and learnt that nothing they began with or end picture they held, was instrumental in their

Leadership in tough times 

Problem Space: Leading in tough times isn’t easy.  Making choices amongst all challenges, fears and uncertainty is hard. As a leader, you may find yourself frozen or fearful in such times leading to procrastination or indecision. How do you deal with this? How amidst all chaos and uncertainty, can you thrive? Millions of books talk about

Mastering the psychology of change

No one likes unpredictability and uncertainty. – Wrong. True leaders feed on unpredictability, and they thrive on uncertainty. We don’t stick with our goals and commitments because we’re afraid. Plain and simple. Well, maybe not simple… See, it’s not always easy to admit that we’re afraid. Especially it’s not easy to admit that we’re afraid


Leadership is considered the most understood, yet a hard skill to find. Mainly, the leadership must be capable of delivering results consciously and repeatedly.  Leadership results cannot be anything else but to create a newer reality.   Delivering this new reality amidst constantly changing external & internal forces that are completely out of control yet managing

Results Matter!

The process ensures what matters is accomplished and adds to the desired result Business leaders constantly look for results and somehow commit to achieving them. When they mature in achieving results again & again, they realise that what they are enjoying is outcomes attached to results. However, as an individual, they haven’t changed much. The

Owner’s silent & powerful enemy to growth

Owner’s silent & powerful enemy to growth “I already do it.”“I already know it.”“I already have it.”“I know how this works.“and other variants of the same! If humility is a gift, then being wise is a genie. You must note that the economic opportunity presented to India to rise is an exact opposite of a

Money, Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance

A MATTER OF YOUR CHOICE FOR GROWING FORTUNE Have you ever wondered what prosperity means? Did you ask your beloved wife that darling, do you need money or need prosperity or need wealth? – And was she able to share her pearls of wisdom on the same? Did it ever occur to you that money grows to

 Leading teams – Part 1

What is a team. Have you wondered? On your business floor are your teams: a! – A group of people b! – A group of people who put work first c! – A group of people who put company first d! – A group of people who put customer first e! – A group of

All owners have a hidden genie with endless power – only few choose to access the genie
The genie is your leadership

Being an owner, do you believe you access your ownership’s true & vast power in growing your business?  As an owner, do you believe you employ a right thinking method & discipline to create a growth engine for business?  Do you think (& trust) that you have limitless powers in limited time – hidden in

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