Insights on Leadership

A collection of our latest insights to helps leaders maximize their effectiveness in an environment of increasing uncertainty and complexity.

Money, Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance

A MATTER OF YOUR CHOICE FOR GROWING FORTUNE Have you ever wondered what prosperity means? Did you ask your beloved wife that darling, do you need money or need prosperity or need wealth? – And was she able to share her pearls of wisdom on the same? Did it ever occur to you that money grows to

Leading Teams

What is a team. Have you wondered? On your business floor are your teams: a! – A group of people b! – A group of people who put work first c! – A group of people who put company first d! – A group of people who put customer first e! – A group of

All owners have a hidden genie with endless power – only few choose to access the genie
The genie is your leadership

Being an owner, do you believe you access your ownership’s true & vast power in growing your business?  As an owner, do you believe you employ a right thinking method & discipline to create a growth engine for business?  Do you think (& trust) that you have limitless powers in limited time – hidden in

Problems don’t get solved on their own:
Stop looking inwards only..
Lead change and solve problems.

Did you see a leader and/or an owner who had made a persistent peace with an unresolved problem for as long as it doesn’t change much of their survival bank status or as long as socially it is keeping them afloat then those they compare with? Whatever the inner dynamics of motives are but making truce

Leadership Is A Moral Call If You Want Large Results That Lasts For Generations

Please ponder (if you already haven’t done) on how leaders (who are humans like you) create 17,00,00,00,00,00,000 of personal net worth? That is 170 lac crores INR at base rate of dollar 1 to INR 70. And, they have family institutions with family enterprises that span earth to its inches and serve the needs of

Impact of communication on results leadership wants

Have you ever wondered, being an owner & leader of the organisation, why, when you have clarity of how to run a business, your people fall short? Did it occur to you that even after explaining tens of times to your leaders and managers, things happen in ways undesired and, many times, untoward? After months


What is perspective? Why it matters? Should it matter? What is perspective? Is it knowledge of some kind, or is it an insight? Reason to discuss perspectives: It’s just an amazingly crucial destiny-shaping thing—your perspective. When clients ask me with pure curiosity, I choose to sit down before an answer when I am in my

Owners need to show compassion to themselves

It seems that owners in our country owe a lot to the world. Sometimes unfair share of owing to the world. Key is what the world expects from them? Does the world around assume that owners are supposed to deliver the unsaid expectations? Complicated as it sounds above, in reality it is far more complicated

What role does purpose play in leading family businesses?

Front-running family businesses know that no amount of wealth, goodwill, or anything helps when it comes to making decisions that change the course of their next ten decades. What helps is a deep sense of purpose. Purpose – A deep call in the family that reminds them why they exist beyond their known material reasons.

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