Are mentors important?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted September 22, 2023 in Insights on Leadership

Are mentors important?

Mentors are individuals who have walked the path and accomplished the outcomes. More importantly, they have distilled their entire experience of achieving their goals into human and spiritual elements.

Meaning, they are the practitioners who have realised their dream and learnt that nothing they began with or end picture they held, was instrumental in their accomplishment. 

Hence, usually, expert mentors are able to guide any pursuit in any field in any context effortlessly because they have mastered the lowest common denominator forces which creates reality.  

These forces makes them true teachers with heart filled with compassion. Because when they began their journey alone and all they thought once that hold dear, vanished or reduced to nothing. 

They then recognised that compassion is key for the mentee to successfully win his dream.  

They are hence the rare individuals who see and harness forces and powers of nature and universe such as love and happiness.  

To reach destiny several destinations have to be reached in series.  

A mentor helps the mentee not in what to do (that’s easy) but what not to do. 

He, hence, creates a silent structure for working effectively with a mentee. This structure supports a uniquely required distance between them. This distance must be maintained in order to fulfil hard tasks in the longer road of dreams. 

At SOCH Business Mentors LLP, there is a fine structure that we use for all our leaders whom we help to reach their dreams. Following are those ten structural elements:

  1. Shared values is the base of everything 
  2. Engage in bitter truths via compassion  
  3. Pick fights with ideas, views and hold a process to let ego humanise & let humility to imbibe 
  4. Recap, Reflect, Deliberate  
  5. Structure, Structure, Structure
  6. Accomplish goals
  7. Build trust to pick and win bigger battles and not to feel good for each other  
  8. Mentors can’t bother about how mentee feels but remain steadfast together from the place of compassion and rare love 
  9. Challenge each other with open ended and curious questions 
  10. Facilitate learning opportunities 

From fostering confidentiality in the relationship to sharing core values, there are several responsibilities that both mentors and mentees should take on to cultivate a successful and mutually beneficial relationship. 

Here are 11 roles and responsibilities of both mentors and mentees:  

  • Foster Confidentiality 
  • Recap, Recap, Update 
  • Cultivate a Teacher and Pupil Relationship 
  • Be Laser-Focused and Create Structure 
  • Accomplish Goals 
  • Build Trust Through Engagement 
  • Challenge Each Other With Open-Ended and Curious Questions 
  • Facilitate Learning Opportunities 
  • Provide Feedback Going Both Ways 
  • Follow-through and Avoid Generic Tips 
  • Staying transparent and true to the shared core values 

Above all, a mentor is the one who submits to dream of a mentee. He sees the mentees heart full of doubt and yet see through his greatness and power of his soul. Being a mentor is like a daughter to a father. Daughter knows her father better than mother and she sometimes can make father reach his true potential by unconditionally loving her father.  

It takes unconditional love to build dreams. At SOCH, we have and practice to gain more capacity to hold unconditional compassion with our leaders who put their hopes and dreams in our hands to held.