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He who has a why to live for, can bear any how- But why so? 

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote the above quote, and there are probably none of you who don’t know this or haven’t come across this truth.  Yet, why is this not in practice? Is it that hard?  Why do people declare failure by waking up and staying okay with survival?  Why don’t people, when they wake up everyday,

Ever wondered how you come in the way of your dream? 

Do you believe that nothing that man has created comes into existence on the physical plane! First, it must, as a law, be in his imagination.  Why so?  In imagination, first and foremost, you create.  You produce those impressions in your subconscious mind that you have to create this imagination. And, once accepted with belief,

No one likes to spend but everyone loves to solve their problems (Part 2) 

Over fifty business owners shared their sincere feedback on the article ‘No one likes to spend, but everyone loves to solve their problems’.   To read the part 1 of this article, click here  Some owners stated their hearts out on growth stagnating and killing orientation.   They asked:  I took these questions with great respect and

Where are your time, energy and expectations going? 

Your conversation with your people holds the fingerprint of your intentions. Your intentions are fingerprints of your desire. Your desires are fingerprints of your fears or love.  When you desire control, you are governed by fear.  When you desire to empower people, you are governed by the meaning of love. Your conversations with yourself and others will reflect


The readers have humbled me with their responses on this article. I am encouraged to write more of the song my heart plays on this topic.  In part 1, I clarified that no other definition of courage can help create the life you want except that it is all about you saying ‘yes’ to yourself

What Important Truths Do Very Few People Agree With You On?

This is the famous question by Peter Theil. It triggers a reaction in the mind – an interesting kind.   Why so?  Because, often, people around us agree to the truths that we have inherited from them only.   Truths that are yours (your own) can be hard to accept.   Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is


You need to ask yourself set of clear questions:  Whose life are you living?   If it is the life where your truths of what you want to be, do, or have, exists in reality then you are living your life otherwise you are living a life of some kind of societal nonsense.   Societal reference includes

What takes happiness away? 

This morning I was with one of a wealthy and accomplished client. His interests span in everything light-hearted.  In the call today, he admitted as being unhappy for time forgotten.  He tried developing interests in things like pet, renovations of home, buying art from all corners of the world and travel. He sought what wealth


What do you do when you are having severe tooth pain? Most individuals would seek medical assistance by going to a dentist. Now I ask a question for you to answer: Have you gone to the dentist thinking: “I am going to spend on the dentist today? “ Or you think: “I am going to get my

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