Leading teams – Part 1

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 11, 2022 in Insights on Leadership

 Leading teams – Part 1

What is a team. Have you wondered?

On your business floor are your teams:

a! – A group of people

b! – A group of people who put work first

c! – A group of people who put company first

d! – A group of people who put customer first

e! – A group of people who put customer first & organise their thoughts, attitudes, ideas, work methods and coordination in given constraints

f! – A group of e! with evolving thinking as per customers, self organising actions as per strategy, and adopt changes in no time like customers delight is only mission that matters…

g! – A group of f! with highest sense of purpose and steep customer centricity. A group that is guided by principles, values, & intense progress sense. A group that cooperates, coordinates, and lead themselves effortlessly under any circumstances with winning outcomes.

So, what are you thinking?

If I would be you, I would pause and write my thoughts on the paper – Whatever they are pertaining to above. Do it even if you feel not like penning down your running thoughts. They may have some valuable element to help you.

If I may ask a no brainer question that is which team definition you would vote for making your business thrive in 21st century? The tough question is – Which definition of team currently you have on your live operating business floor?

Would you like to ask yourself why the team you see on your floor is what it is?

I bet if truth be faced then it is not surprising to find team on the floor as exact to its definition you subconsciously had always have. Isn’t it?

What does this say to you? How come you are able to form a team that has never been in your definition purview?

This is the power of leaders who leads team.

It is entirely up to leaders definition of what team they create.

This is insanely pervasive and ubiquitous across the globe when I helped leaders lead their teams.

This is not to say that you only adopt a definition and magically you will start investing and building for teams as per your newly changed definition. It won’t.

But, as a first baby step this definition and gap in current reality of your floor will reveal you one critical game changing information — what kind of leader you had been so far and what you would require in order to lead teams per your definition.

In the next part of leading teams article, I shall help you answering your questions on email.

Thank you for your attention. Hope it added few insight nuggets if not dimes!

Keep good.