Problems don’t get solved on their own:
Stop looking inwards only..
Lead change and solve problems.

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted September 27, 2022 in Insights on Leadership

Problems don’t get solved on their own:
Stop looking inwards only..
Lead change and solve problems.

Did you see a leader and/or an owner who had made a persistent peace with an unresolved problem for as long as it doesn’t change much of their survival bank status or as long as socially it is keeping them afloat then those they compare with?

Whatever the inner dynamics of motives are but making truce with problem is an invitation to stagnation of happiness and eventually deterioration of health.

Ah! did I mention that before physical health, mental health has already crossed a threshold (which is only not blowing because in their knowledge money is there enough to live by!)

Sounds bad, right?

Trust me my hands were hurting writing them, but, should it hurt much worse in living such reality in silence?

Well, funny here but dangerous though that many owners believe that as long as social face of theirs is having a perception they want to keep – So be it!

“I am genuinely fed up and I have a huge meaning and achievements and happiness to accomplish.”

Remember, and remind to your core that:

Problems don’t resolve on their own. Problems identified and not strived to bring resolve invite a spread of the problem in places of business, organisation and eventually to your life home and kids even.

Making change come head on is a beautiful thing to consider.

Really – Think about it.. Feel it.

It’s more proactive and growth intended approach then reactive and play not to lose growth thinking (which is survival facades as growth)

Making change head-on is only constant that modern businesses got to have.

Understand this – Don’t fool yourself by calling an improvement initiative as change!

Continuous improvements are business as usual – Keep the wheel moving actions. But, change is essentially strategic in nature. It is more thriving centric; purpose centric; future creation focused because you believe you must!

It is like a self-imposed rule or mandate you have put on yourself to not fool around time and precious life around misnomers and misconceptions. Don’t allow distorted view of reality call as the reality.. and many such manipulation that I am confident you are aware of making yourself tired with (or not).

So, decide your role as a change leader or anything but transformation and change bringing owner. Once this decision comes make every effort to perform a naked reality assessment from your view and from view of an external who really wants to help (not those for whom your request is their food!)

Go figure then everything that it takes to make you a sensational transformation leader by having a might to solve problems which puts you ahead in life as a whole. Bring that fullness and bring that focus.
Before this call upon your poised, serene, confident and calm self for a discussion in mirror find the next time you spend that crucial five minutes in the bathroom.

Go ahead.

I hope this helps!