Leadership Is A Moral Call If You Want Large Results That Lasts For Generations

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted September 20, 2022 in Leadership

Leadership Is A Moral Call If You Want Large Results That Lasts For Generations

Please ponder (if you already haven’t done) on how leaders (who are humans like you) create 17,00,00,00,00,00,000 of personal net worth?

That is 170 lac crores INR at base rate of dollar 1 to INR 70. And, they have family institutions with family enterprises that span earth to its inches and serve the needs of billions of humans.

Please ponder if you have done before but invite yourself again to think that how leaders (who are humans like you) have enterprises that generates half a trillion USD in yearly revenue.

Please continue this good pain in thinking further asking yourself that: How a few could achieve this while the remaining billions only aspire for their life from such feat?

I have not worked with someone I am quoting above hence it will be a lie if I share my views on it and ask you to think on the view.

However, I have helped leaders like Group chairman of world’s largest bank and at times, I helped them shift from a quarterly income of 50,000 crore to 2,50,000 crore.

So, I will share my part of experience in achieving such massive shift in numbers.

Before you all wish to hear any secret than I am sorry to disappoint you.

Because, the secret of achieving such numbers is something you already know but probably never felt in your blood – the strength to give it a try to create a venture that uses it.

Enough of secrecy talk.

Let me tell you what is the real driver behind such results, it is – “Don’t focus on money”. If it is something you already knew then read this again for five times or ten.

So, when you want results in numbers that are monumentally large, then don’t focus on money!!! I mean this seems to be a lunatic talk – Doesn’t it?

Actually, it is a lunatic talk and that’s the reason why we have a world full of sane humans and very few insane humans like Samuel Walton, of Walmart.

The thing is: Since it appears to sane people as an insane thing – Sane people don’t try the insanity. This is the secret.

Funnily, insane wins!

Funnily, all we sane people die to invest our little monies into their corporations to grow our investments!

Funnily, or should I say, ironically, we sane people treat these insane like lords who made the mark!

Now, before you read further, I ask – What is truly insane? Being sane ourselves wishing for insane abundance or being insane who create this abundance?

What will you choose? And, Why?

Know this why and the job begins. Know why not and you are on you way.

Don’t wait too much being sane. It isn’t going to give you any joy.

Be insane. Don’t focus on money if you want outcomes of insane amount of wealth and abundance.