Get your business growing to new heights using leadership and not an ownership mindset 

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted May 27, 2022 in Insights on Leadership, Business & Organisation

Get your business growing to new heights using leadership and not an ownership mindset 

First, I would like to thank several business owners (Indian and global owners) who trusted us for making a critical transition in them – Moving from ownership thinking to leadership thinking, doing, and leading for results. 

To be an owner is challenging for sure. It takes incredible strength to pull the business as an owner. It takes grit and the patience of an unkind type. 

Building, directing, and growing a successful business is usually an all-consuming challenge that leaves little time to focus on your leadership and personal growth. 

But as your business challenges expand, so should your strategic vision and go-to-market ideas move away from observation and hunch-based decision-making to a researched & well-designed business strategy that increases your overall enterprise value and not only better margins (that too temporarily). 

Owners who realize that expansive businesses would require them to become humbled at the core for learning power of leadership that they so miss the chance of growing it when they were all busy thinking about capital investments and their returns or similar yardstick that ownership roles make them care about the most. 

If growing enterprise value aims to create a long term, long range and broad-scoped success story, then developing leadership as soon as you can is the key. 

It is one thing to know what’s under the belt resources you own, and it takes skills to build uniquely designed enterprise level capabilities that are high-value consumer centric or downward value chain. 

Owners who use their time reconfiguring their resources (mainly the intangibles) to re-engineer their core business operating model gain maximum advantage. 

Their ability to figure out opportunities and, as per their purpose, mission, values, and visions, design a robust well-communicated strategy wins odds like no one. 

As per the directives and architecture from above for changes in business capabilities and capacities, when owners decide to galvanise it all with a required organizational change to carry execution. The enterprise value raises mercury enough for driving profitable growth through out the businesses of family enterprise or corporate enterprise. 

Thus, in order for making the expansion full hand and make it thrive silently yet sustainably an owner has to shift his or her thinking patterns, deep seated conditioning, perspectives, knowledge, capabilities and skills mainly towards the leadership side of the spectrum for higher functioning and ability to drive enterprise value to highest identity and outcomes in profit and growth

  1. What are the key skills a leader differentiate from a typical owner? What these skills serve good to the owner when he/she chooses to build leadership advancements in business and personal lives? 
  2. Why these skills require special attention and why owners must own some of the depth of the core skills? 
  3. Why development isn’t hard if done on slow roasting for 3 years to maximum long term unlocking of value? And why it yields best ever results when your leadership and business leadership both take joint and parallel pursuits? 

What next? 

Well, come to this realisation and we take it from there. Coming to the full acceptance of this gap filling in you and then going forward role is half victory already made. 

Accept. Acknowledge. Adopt and Accelerate with precision, reducing too much hit n miss or not hitting enough from the perspective of winning buyers head and heart with your enterprise identity and value. 

Hope this has imparted some thoughtful pointers for all owners who had various reasons and consequences should they ignore or glorified the victory too soon.