In making of the family constitution – Who should be involved? 

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted May 17, 2022 in Family business

In making of the family constitution – Who should be involved? 

Many esteemed business families ask us who should be a part of making of the constitution? 

Our response consistently is – All those who will be living the constitution must be involved in order to have the expected outcomes delivered i.e., the constitution must preserve, protect and prevail love, growth and prosperity. 

We understand that in some cases involving all is not feasible, in these cases, they must be involved as a part of structured transition process. Not involved in either making or transitioning would definitely lead to a fragile or semi-lived constitution.

It would require a common and standard frame of reference for everyone making various decisions on – family, business, members, and all family office decisions. Daily, a usual size of Indian family might be making decisions can exceed hundreds if not thousands in many cases. 

The key is for family members to discover a unique and powerful identity—the identity for which they do everything to be identified with it – Finding belonging and bearings to make them lead the way to perennial success and happiness. 

If you notice, the constitution is a structured DNA model of this identity. When aligned to this DNA, everything the family lives in creates a powerful statement of prowess, power, and infinite potential, which distinguishes them from other family businesses.

The constitution is a behaviour bearing structure. This behaviour creates a great margin between the front-running family businesses and others who don’t have a constitution.

The behaviour exhibited as a result of this consistent living of the constitution is a powerful attraction to invite more success. This generational living of the constitution produces notable, invincible and profound character of the family business helping it reach corners of the globe effortlessly. 

Thus, the process of making the constitution is a venerable and powerful endeavour. The process embeds in the participants a deep seated pride, clarity and excitement to learn this identity super power. 

Kids are of fantastic value to the making as they participate even in silence but absorb most of this as directing their choices at DNA level. They absorb to their cells the dynamics among chief members engaged in the making, and they observe and feel most of the identity in real action reflected in the behaviours and actions of these chiefs. 

In the real world of making this constitution, family professionals and experts uses at least 17 to 31 project management elements. These elements act as powerful tools to equip each member with essential support for helping them come fully willing, engaged, and responsibly forthright in each constitution process meetings. 

On top of these project management elements, there are 13 to 21 strength building reinforcements that enables each individual to apply their most aligned head, heart, soul, and spirit in making of constitution. 

The outcome of a living constitution by all members most effortlessly and authoritatively yields advantages such as below: 

  1. Family mission sense – The movement of all families towards their mission whilst adding shine to their core identity is the profoundly immeasurable joy of harmony and a rich sense of oneness among all. 
  2. New enhanced operating levels – The new opportunities open up because of members operating at enriched mental and emotional levels that are of higher confidence and return a feeling of family like nothing else 
  3. Accountable – Businesses of family behold deeper integration of family constitution, and this begets a sense of accountability and even belonging in non-family high performing management and leaders 
  4. Newer progress levels - Overall improvements in cohesive decisions and faster decisions to make progress feel coming amiss 
  5. Family Harmony – A united, cohesive, and harmonious family 
  6. Family Identity - A shining, unique, and inimitable family identity 
  7. Family Trust – Family trust, character, and communication to become robust, unified, consistent, and resolving 
  8. Successful business - Confidence for winning bigger and mightier bets in business 
  9. Generational leadership – the next-generation leadership of the family business becomes result-centric and grows the family identity, purpose, and vision 
  10. Business Identity - The family business to be recognised as a beacon of hope and a symbol of trust 
  11. Pride - The family, business, and all related people hold unchallenged pride to be associated with a family governed by a constitution 
  12. Happiness & Love – Family members begin to see, understand, hear and value each other like never before, creating an advantage that no other business format can ever provide 
  13. Constructive Conflicts - Families develop the essential skills and mindset to deal with conflicts in a way that progresses them – in actions, decisions, and mainly emotions 
  14. Growth – Growth becomes unconditional, confident, assured, and guaranteed under any market duress or turmoil 
  15. Social Capital – Family businesses create amass of social capital via structured philanthropy and relevant means for capital development 
  16. Strategic Business Decisions - Family business stakeholders, develop a unique advantage for harnessing the power of family and business for strategic decision making 

Many families decide even at 20% in the process of making that they want to create a grandeur physical manifestation of the constitution for permanence and mark their personal commitment to bring constitution a mainstay. 

Many have created robust customer, supplier, and employee engagement models that consider the new constitution, helping the ecosystem to learn that how the family enterprise commits to their mission and what they can expect going forward from them. 

Some have also asked us how to teach their young kids. What could be the best way to teach them? And, from many designs and installations we did one idea to share is creating a purpose built learning and education environment in large home estates of theirs.

Along with create a dedicated kids library with custom made stories that are crafted by experts story creators taking in all constitutions essence, morals, and detailing are taken as inputs to create powerful stories per age. 

This creates a powerful brand sense that helps family businesses when designed well. 

Some clients choose to design a beautiful heritage museum accessible to all extended family and extended non-family board members – this inspires an everlasting sense and connection that yields powerful coalitions bringing advancements in business at an unprecedented level.

Making the constitution is an ultimate experience, and family businesses must not lose heaven sent chance to invest and commit. 

Clients, investing from US$11 million to even above US$70 million for global scale of their entire family constitution and family governance. This mobilises their enterprises worldwide, creating a force that helps them become formidably recognised for character and contribution that increases their recognition and reputation beyond known matches. 

I hope the thoughts and ideas shared here are refreshing and valuable enough for you to begin thinking of your family businesses and how to create a force de Majeure for winning on the global scale at an exponential rate.