Don’t wait for lows to make upgrades in your leadership. Make it a habit to continually transform your relationship with yourself.

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted June 4, 2022 in Leadership

Don’t wait for lows to make upgrades in your leadership. Make it a habit to continually transform your relationship with yourself.

Don’t wait for lows to make upgrades in your leadership. Make it a habit to continually transform your relationship with yourself.– in other words, your Leadership capacity.

Let’s first debunk a few myths straight away that affect your Leadership directly: 

  1. I will get wiser with age 
  2. I will get experience with age 
  3. I will get sharper with age 
  4. I will be a better person with age – (biggest of all myths – and you know it) 
  5. I will get more love once I become nicer at my relationship – Yes, your real-life love equation affects most of your Leadership (self-love inclusive) 

..many more stories we say to ourselves constantly. 

These stories that we tell ourselves do one job diligently – it comfortably lets us accept the however much less of ourselves than what we once thought we would become in the roles of an individual, leader, husband, father or whatever else that matters to us. 

If this isn’t true for you, you are an amazingly wonderful man (or woman). You can save your time here and continue doing the marvellous work you do daily. I respect your honesty. You can exit. 

If you are those who chose to continue reading, then I respect your honesty too. Let’s see if we can work out a better use for this honesty. 

We call this mildly a myth or a story in a sophisticated way, or if we are good with no polishing or toning down, then we tell ourselves just plain lies. Frankly, it doesn’t matter. 

We don’t get results because we believe in these stories, myths, and lies. Notice it is a belief. This is powerful and silent to our awareness. 

The belief we form in ourselves via sequence and series of continuously reinforcing stories we tell ourselves create an almost impossible cage to comfortably accept living inside this cell and call a permanent address where we think we belong. 

Until we don’t think this is where we will remain – comfortable captivity created by us to keep us feel belonged. Until we start questioning the unquestioned, we will be in this belief that we belong in this captivity that is far away from our most authentic wants and desires 

The great opportunities life gifts us are those lows, tragic and traumatised reality that shakes us only to gather the courage to question our beliefs and belongings. 99% of people wait for such a shake up, and few still could unravel and release them from the make-believe reality. 

These are leadership moments. 

I encourage at two levels. 

First, when presented those gifts, absorb them, harness them, and feel the pain, then get up and ask in the owning of the pain the leadership question of utmost importance – What kind of leader do you want to become? 

Second, sometimes a more straightforward question is – What kind of person do you want to be in the next few years? What do you want this person to be experiencing the little and big joys of life? These questions are just openers – the crazy ones you will have after you gather the courage, to be honest with yourself in answering these openers. They all be different for different people. 

If you either answer the openers comfortably or you shy away from answering, then no problems; life is full of gift sending services to you, and you will one day unwrap only to find that until you do, you hid from you the finest of all gifts ever – you! 

After a few such leadership moments, I have noticed serving 50 of the top FTSE leaders churning income of more than 3-8 billion UK sterling every quarter. They refuse with an absolute commitment to wait for leadership moments. This state of mind is dangerous for growth because when a leader reaches an invitation mode for leadership moments and does not hesitantly fear waiting for the one to say goodbye or get up because they must in those leadership moments, they become powerful hyper engines of growth. 

These leaders become a crazy force of change and transformation and impact growth with their extraordinary commitment to harness new knowledge, skills, attitudes and much more at speeds and investments that scare any brave hearted people even. 

I am not asking you to pump-in adrenaline on steroids to get to leadership commitment for you. I am only asking you to choose to be honest in your lows or Leadership moments, and best for you, don’t wait for one. Just create one. Follow then the quest and figure out what to do. 

Enjoy the leadership quest. Life is too short for waiting on the fence. Take that plunge, and don’t wait for a story your mind will weave and present to you only to make you feel you belong where you don’t. 

Thank you for sending us many blessings and well wishes for what SOCH is purposefully trying to help several of you. 

Thank you.