What is a beautiful business? 

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted September 26, 2023 in Business & Organisation

What is a beautiful business? 

Have you ever asked yourself what beautiful means?

 Have you wondered what a beautiful business then is?

Why does having a beautiful business truly matter? 

Why creating a beautiful business means you will have lasting success?

I share a perspective here, and you, if you wish, you could share yours via emailing it to me. As per my exposure of helping the mightiest and most beautiful businesses globally, I could say there is something deeply mysterious yet simple about them.

But before this: 

What does beautiful mean? 

Beautiful is something that needs no meaning, as it is something that transpires meaning to lives — A vast ocean, A silent mountain, a farmer praying in farmland for crops to grow to feed millions he took a toll for all alone, a little puppy jumping in your lap as soon as you come home showering all unconditional love – all transpires meaning in your heart, body, mind, and spirit 

Beautiful represents spiritual abundance, prosperity, and success – A vast valley full of tulips of all colors in silence. They fill your heart with the feeling of spiritual abundance, prosperity, and success of soul and the warm smile of an unconnected man to you who simply wants to greet you a happy day for no reason of his but just plain is or you watch a busy squirrel collecting from a vast spread of acorns on lush green grass fell during the night for feeding its little ones collecting during morning dawn 

Beautiful is not something that elevates senses and stops –  anything that elevates senses and stops is mere attraction. Beautiful is something eternal – it instantly grips a higher consciousness and makes your soul want to travel.  

Beautiful breaks the time-space frame around our Newtonian brain wiring and lets you enter the concepts of eternity, no logic, and pure love, where the kingdom of the soul belongs.  

Beautiful is a massively powerful term that is important in our lives and how we live.  

It is far beyond the physical and, at its core, spiritual. It is a credo of creation and sustenance of energy behind life. It is credence to your non-Newtonian (logical world) operating at the sublime unconscious, directing your spirit always to drink beauty. 

Beautiful is something that helps you realize that real knowledge is to know the extent of your ignorance. Beautiful helps you travel past all ignorance of the fearful mind and enter the fearless zone of love and spirituality.  

All creation occurs here.

All abundance is present here.  

All satisfaction and real fulfilment have a home here.  

A beautiful mind, business, Himalaya, or anything beautiful announces no place for fear. It instils confidence in higher consciousness and recognizes no fear, hesitation, regret, or worry in making any sacrifice to safeguard eternity the beauty, even if it means at the cost of life itself. Hence, the beautiful mind creates impossible dreams beyond the bearer’s life, such as Walt Disney. 

So, the question above raises is as follows: 

Is beauty an antidote to help us not live in fear? Do you mean if we sustain and accelerate our pursuits for what is beautiful, our fears will automatically be addressed? 

Is pursuing beautiful creation our purpose to unleash our spirit and soul? Like Walt Disney, he never gave up his pursuit of beauty and majesty in every atom of his creation, giving every soul and spirit belonging to the kingdom of freedom of the soul. 

Is the pursuit of success a pursuit of creating something beautiful? 

Is beauty the key to dissolving all darkness, grief, fear, doubt, shame, and guilt when referring to the Newtonian mind?  

Is beauty a true virtue, and its pursuit will make us unleash who we are at the core – A beautiful soul?! 

What I have seen, and I am sure you have your references of companies in the world that you would classify as beautiful, are: 

Beautiful businesses are silent giants like the quiet Himalayas and pacific ocean, never ageing, only growing ever beautiful daily! 

They stay no matter what storms pass by. 

They grow under any natural or man-made catastrophes. 

They shine bright daily in silence, but the world can’t talk enough about them. 

They inspire. 

They help you reflect on what you are doing and what you could be doing instead. 

They instill pride in you. 

They command respect.

They showed humility.  

They attract all who are in pursuit of beauty. 

They prevail as formidable rocks for humanity’s development and livelihood of hundreds and thousands of years beyond human life. 

They give hope to humanity.

Are you inspired to build a beautiful business?  

It is simple.  

Decide and act daily consistently to live out of your spirit and the language it uses to whisper in silence to your heart and mind.

You have everything it needs to create your beauty mark on the planet to stand tall in silence like the eternal grace of the great Himalayas. You have all the support that you may need. There are people around who know your true self, align with who you are and what mission you have set out to achieve. Connect. Ask for help. Stay true. But, do not stop.  

Be beauty focused and it will let go of who you are supposed to be and help you become who you are born to be.