Is your business effective and efficient?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted September 29, 2023 in Business & Organisation

Is your business effective and efficient?

When owners speak, they usually use significantly far meaning terms interchangeably. Two of the most common terms that are critical to differentiate are – efficiency and effectiveness. 

Efficiency is doing the things right, but effectiveness is doing the right things. 

So, is your business doing least effective things highly efficiently?   
Is your business least efficient in doing highly effective things? 

If you are the owner of the business who is puzzled at above, then you need to review your definition of time and what it means to you? 

Reason – because the crux of whatever permutation and combination efficiency and effectiveness you have been living boils down to your belief on time! 

Most likely, time isn’t what has mattered more than your insecurities, then it’s time to reflect and make change. Most certainly, you ought to make a ruthless change. Reason: time doesn’t change us but only unfolds us. Insecurities grip you tight because if you give yourself permission to understand time, you are implicitly giving permission to unfold yourself. And, that is scary. 

Scary because insignificant insecurities are about to blow up. And, you know if this happens then your safety bubble bursts. Your truth will be out which frankly no one cares as much as you think others care – Why? Because they already know your truth.   

They are just polite to you, making you stay in your illusion.  

If the truth be out, you would then be required to really put efforts to fulfil your dream to meet reality. You may hate leaving comfort and familiar place since you have been dwelling there for years.  

Failing without real efforts doing ineffective efficient actions is far safer than failing after making efforts. This unfolding is scary to many.  

Confusion is best friend to keep in mind when you don’t want to or permit to unfold as it is a best way to hide your truth.  

We all know that time moves slowly but passes quickly. Confusion helps you to never differentiate between efficient and effective.  

The truth your heart always knows but you have applied your insecure and corrupt mind in manifesting a confusion.  

 Confusion is best to pass time—keeping the truth hidden.

Truth is: Your calling or dream or desire in your beating heart as heart always knows the truth. 

Creating confusion is greatest way to let time pass so that the truth remains hidden.

Highly successful people move faster, progress at speed, and get more done during a certain period. The quicker someone moves on highly effective things with great efficiency the slower he perceives the passing of time.  

Another way to read previous sentence is: The quicker someone moves on things that really matters in way that matters, the slower he would perceive the passing of time. 

Progress has little to do with speed but all to do with is relentless unmissable daily consistency, like a clock that ticks unmissably.  

You are stuck due to all the above—because—at fundamental level you don’t understand love or more accurately what falling in love means! 

You see when you fall in love really it helps you do things differently and more so—it helps you see different things. 

When you have dream and if you think you love it then maybe you have loved it like a swimmer with all gears and safety floats and squads around in case you drown 1 inch. You really love swimming but with gears and safety first in your head the heart will never experience what love is.  

Such swimmer doesn’t love water, they love their safety more – cause when you love water and love to swim then having any gear only block your experience of your love! You go all in to experience that is the only way to rise in love when you fall in love.   

That’s how to swim if you love to swim. Swimming with gears of safety is an act of Half-heartedness.  Half-hearted is close cousin of confusion. You aren’t sure whether you like it or not and you brew this confusion to keep you neither in water nor out of water.  

Keep confusion aside and you will start noticing that your truth is ready to be told and bold enough to protect what you truly love.  

Once taken bold acceptance, confusion is gone and the first thing you will start getting clarified on its own is about your definition of effectiveness (what are the right things to do?) and efficiency (how to do the things right?). 

Once that is done you would want to make progress without passing time. For this, you work on the fact that only absolute consistency of action and consistency of having your mental ceiling clear every single day in all possible ways is the only thing in way to accomplish. For business, you will begin putting in place a giant but silent consistent frame of flow for decisions, actions, and results will begin aligning to the dream.  

Your business will begin tune into frequency of your dream once you establish consistency of actions, decisions, and directions daily in your entire organisation. 

All you then need is to keep loving your dream, you keep seeing different things and you keep doing things differently, in consistent daily way, to achieve your eternal pursuit of spirit. 

Once the consistent frame is in place your effectiveness and efficiency align producing remarkable results leaping you forward to success in large quantum in shortest possible time.  

This will begin the remarkably powerful unfolding of yours in action.  

This unfolding will further fuel the progress, its quality, its speed, and far results including impossible results will be accomplished. This will put the whole cycle of success in motion. 

This is the reason why we help all our clients to understand not letting crucial time go for what they love, as it is only a matter of time and they can accomplish for sure using consistent application of principles through systems in place.