What ensures that a family’s timeless wants are met?

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted September 22, 2023 in Family business

What ensures that a family’s timeless wants are met?

Usually, family businesses with lasting legacies have these 3 timeless wants: 

  1.  The want of a family which sustains over generations in harmony and meaning. 
  2. The want of a business that is continuously growing and creating wealth.
  3. The want of a family that prevails its identity, greatness and serves the community.  

For these wants to become a reality, it is considered that institutionalized approach provides greater chances of success to build a lasting legacy.  

If institutionalisation of family holds a tall order to deliver eternity of success, harmony, abundance and meaning, then the only hope for winning is by not compromising humanity.  

I am not talking about the humanity of the world or community but the humanity of the family members (within and amongst each other) today and in future.  

If humanity among the family members continues to exist, only then there is a hope for love to foster, success to repeat, meaning to be experienced and abundance to be lived.  

However, how does institutionalisation ensure that humanity sustains?

How does institutionalisation guarantee that humanity will prevail within a member for himself and others in family forever?   

It is impossible to save an institutionalised family built without understanding the connection between humanity consciousness and the promise of eternity that the institution aims for.

By humanity here, I mean humanity within family. Not humanity outside as it comes later. Humanity isn’t something that is carried out by nature or creatures on the planet but humans. This human is key.  

Precisely speaking – the human design is critical to not ignore in designing your approach for institutionalisation.  

Meaning, when you are designing the approach to make constitution to carry the humanity (in your family) to ultimately deliver what you want, then the approach must be designed factoring the element of human (as shown below) particularly in decision-making and harmony.  

Design of humans who experience harmony, create success, care for meaning, and share abundance. If this is true, then the approach must be ultra cognizant to – the human biology (the sub-conscious and the neuro) designed for decisions and harmony, human spirituality affecting decisions and experience of harmony, human logic designed for decision and harmony, human creativity for decision and harmony, human emotions for decisions and harmony & human psychology for decisions and harmony.

So, when is the chance to create in the core fabric of institution the humanity consciousness? When is the chance to obey and respect what we humans truly are?

This chance is only when the seed of institution is designed in the constitution.  That is, it is only when the family members are actioning on creating the constitution – and the process encompasses all the human elements, making the constitution live-able one generation after the other.

Constitution, the fundamental building block defining decisions and behaviors of love, by people agreeing to live it gives rise to an institution that lasts—such as TATA institution.