The expression of who you are and your ability to shape the future with it, is personal leadership.

The expression of who you are and your ability to shape the future with it, is personal leadership.

At SOCH, expression engineering is a formal term through which we help owners to reform and re-configure their core mettle (who you are) in ways that help them prosper in every role they play: Be it the role of father, role of business owner, role of being a citizen, role of a community member and other similar roles.

No Business Has Winning Results Without a Leadership Backbone Delivering (Bold)2 Results

Have you ever wondered the difference between a leader and leadership?

Did it ever occur that the way you lead yourself directly affects your leadership quality at the display for others to be led for results?

If you have, did it come to your awareness how significant impact your relationship with yourself is in demonstrating your leadership effectiveness?

At the foundation, leadership begins with your relationship with yourself. Period.

Personal Leadership – An unattended genie

With our inherent and involuntary nature to look outside for our problems, personal leadership is the paradigm which is elixir and a silver bullet if you focus on building this further. The reason is – At the very epicentre of phenomenal growth of any company or nation you, there always has been the power of thoughts, values, beliefs, sense of purpose and an indomitable spirit of execution.

Personal leadership is precisely about this. It requires you to figure out your core values, your purpose, your life vision and a devoted strategy to execute decisions of any role that you play for bringing out the power of expression to create results.

Personal Leadership is not about being motivated or inspired.

Building your personal leadership and its expression strength is real hard work. It takes the courage of being honest with yourself and taking necessary corrective actions to fulfil your dream or purpose.

The loss when you don’t work on your personal leadership

  • You may have money but not abundance.
  • You may have a business but never a flourishing business for generations.
  • You may have a family but not an eternal love.
  • You may have social connections but not meaningful relationships.
  • You may feel rich, but your will never feel successful.
  • This is what happens when personal leadership is ignored. Have you ever felt this way?


Personal leadership is at the heart of business. The expansion, success and glory of the business is directly impacted by the personal leadership.

Don’t delay further to develop it consciously. It will never be the right time to begin working on your personal leadership.