No Business Has Winning Results Without a Leadership Backbone Delivering (Bold)2 Results

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted May 14, 2022 in Leadership

No Business Has Winning Results Without a Leadership Backbone Delivering (Bold)2 Results

Have you ever wondered the difference between a leader and leadership?

Did it ever occur that the way you lead yourself directly affects your leadership quality at the display for others to be led for results?

If you have, did it come to your awareness how significant impact your relationship with yourself is in demonstrating your leadership effectiveness?

At the foundation, leadership begins with your relationship with yourself. Period.

How come this is true? Well, it is simple.

The model that inspires the action of others is what you ask for yourself to display.

If you ask for respecting time. You ought to demonstrate in every tiniest possible behaviour that you respect the time of yourself and others.

There is no magic that people you want to lead choose how much they want to be led by you. It is not your choice to make to lead them. It’s theirs.

You must only influence their choices at will and inspire their commitment by improving your genuine relationship with yourself. We call at SOCH this relationship you have within the four walls of your head – the 6 inches or the 6 inch of infinity.

When your 6 inch beholds this truth and dedicates to building a formidable relationship with yourself based on naked honesty, magic in leadership occurs.

Whether you are in a family business leading brothers or leading with them, or in a professionally run business, this truth prevails across the pervasiveness of any background, religion, beliefs, nationality, or anything that the physical world differentiates.

For some, it’s hard, and for many, it’s too hard. But for none, it’s easy.

One thing that undoubtedly increases the hardness is you letting the time go without making a conscious commitment to get this truth accepted, adopted, and agreed upon.

This is the only choice you have to make. Be it when you are a young leader, courtesy to family heir mechanism or otherwise. Whether you are age 34 or 45, or 56, the later you accept and agree, the harder it gets for apparent reasons. Not to mention the costlier the overall state becomes.

We come across leaders who know this and yet aren’t willing to take a step forward. Not because they aren’t aware or don’t have what it takes to plunge and invest energies and currencies in getting their infinity locked in to get unlocked.

It is crucial to release the prisoner you are of your own sabotaging self from unleashing your true potential.

Why do we do that?

It is rather straightforward.

We fear opening up. We fear what if we unleash? We are scared that if we let loose and let go, we would permanently lose what is so dear to us — our insecurities. Yes you are reading correct. Our insecurities hugged us, mainly in our childhood as protective, safety mechanism or psychological copping up mechanism to not feel pain. Slowly they become our underlying mechanism where mind identify itself as and that’s dangerous to our relationship with ourselves.

We are scared to lose our insecurities. Funny right? Well ironic for sure.

Insecurities and egos have given people an amazing kind of comfort. The comfort of holding a false image in their minds and a false image in peoples’ mind. This comfort is unreal, and only a matter of time before it breaks, unless it has already broken.

We hug our insecurities and egos because they give us comfort. It is a comfort that saves us from creating a newer bolder reality. It puts us quickly in deviance or avoidance of what it takes to create the reality that our heart truly cares about.

It takes away the broader, bolder, and brighter view to the world around and hence reduces us to lowest expectation of ourselves and hence the proportionate future that matches exactly as per how much you weigh your self worth.

Some of you already feel what I am saying, and some of you already have realized on your own that this happens. This self-sabotaging is what happens within our 6″ inches. When this self-sabotaging happens, we are accessing brain & mind power within 6″ inches and not the infinity within the 6″ via spirit and mind!

Wondering why we do this to ourselves at a deeper level?

We have lived all life identifying ourselves with our insecurities. When our minds identify themselves with insecurity, the thought of freeing ourselves from this makes our minds do everything not to. Signaling your freedom to what the mind identifies with is nothing but a threat! This is powerful.

And you know what we do when we are threatened. We make excuses or lie or simply take the comfort of egos to put us back in the comfort of insecurities where we identify our safety. We are trapped!

One minor symptom you can notice in anyone who is a permanent guest of their insecurities is they criticize others.

Criticizing others is often a defense mechanism used to alleviate our insecurities temporarily.

One of the reasons it’s so easy to fall into habitually getting into this insecurity trap of criticizing others is that it makes us feel good.

Let me share a few revelations about clients we helped, touching their boundless potential, beginning by healing and growing their shift from brain + mind (6″) to spirit + mind (6″ of infinity) is:

When you point out that someone else is less or dumb, you also imply that you’re more intelligent. And that feels good… temporarily.

When you criticize someone else for being naïve, you tell yourself that you’re sophisticated. And that feels good… temporarily.

When you silently chuckle about how terrible someone’s attire sense is, you’re telling yourself how refined your taste is or humble. And that feels good… temporarily.

While criticizing might temporarily make you feel good about yourself, it only increases your insecurities and usually makes you feel worse about yourself in the long-term. It’s a quick fix for not letting go of our permanent host, our insecurities, and damn right you are; this will make you only feel ashamed in the end.

Without your awareness, if you are regularly critical of others, then you are only making your insecurities worse in the long-run.

This trap of finding temporary relief puts our ability to create a reality at risk. These temporary reliefs sabotage us from our truest potential of who we really are and what we are capable of. This temporary relief takes away our ability to bond relationships with ourselves where leadership is born. These temporary reliefs over the period will make us compromised, regretful and live a make believe reality with helpless tears.

You want bold results. You want leadership delivering bold results.

Then first, decide to release the prisoner you are. Release and unleash will be natural. Bold square results of abundance and love you always wanted are the default when you are spiritually governed and not mind governed.

Does this makes sense!

I hope it does. Keep doing your wonderful work on leadership