Happiness is the source of financial and spiritual growth. Not an outcome.

Happiness is the source of financial and spiritual growth. Not an outcome.

Anything that we don’t pay attention to dies.

In our experience, family businesses who consciously put happiness at the centre of their thinking, leading and doing process have far more chances to prevail time with boundless harmony and prosperity.

Family Happiness: A choice.

The first generation builds, the second expands and the third destroys.

In India, the most common reason for family businesses to fall is: Even though the business might thrive, the family will start to fall apart. Noticeably, this is happening more frequently and faster in the last 5 years.

Family Happiness is one of the driving factors for the above plight.

Family Happiness: A choice by all members.

Over the decades – As family businesses progressed from one generation to the other, there was growth however, it was more focused on growing the financial capital alone.

The challenge at hand that family businesses have is not that of maintaining and growing the financial capital but to keep the members in the family stay fulfilled, satisfied and happy.

In nutshell, the balance between the financial and emotional capital needs focus. In fact, the more healthier the emotional bank account – the larger the possibility of a healthy financial account.

Family Happiness: Financial & Emotional Capital

1st Generation

Bank Account

Emotional Account

2nd Generation

Bank Account

Emotional Account

3rd Generation

Bank Account

Emotional Account

If you understand the importance of having both financial and emotional capital for your Family Happiness – What would really help to keep the long-standing promise for Family Happiness?

Our Approach: Family Constitution ∞ Family Happiness

Family businesses have shown the promise to last beyond 16 generations and more. This is not possible without family happiness.

Again, family happiness is a choice.

A choice that is interwoven in the very design of the Family Constitution that harbours and nurtures the individuals and shared interests of a family for generations.

We, at SOCH, have mastered the expertise of blending spirituality with commerce, meaning with prosperity and happiness with growth. This blending is a very expert-led, scientific and methodical process with which we deliver the promise of lasting family happiness through design, implementation and living of family constitutions.