Business Continuity

Your life is limited.

The life of your family business need not.

Business Continuity

Your life is limited. The life of your family business need not. Business Continuity

Business Continuity: A year, A decade, A generation & Perpetuity

Business continuity is an eternal process. The man who is running the show would age and could get affected by uncertainties of life, resulting in breaking the business continuity.

Business continuity is critical to have the highest order of importance irrespective of whether it is a time for succession or not. The business must have a plan to follow if the next Monday you aren’t going to be there to run the business.

Remember, Businesses are forever young and not humans who create and run them.

Business Continuity: Encourage providence, Building resilience

Business continuity takes nothing more than a sincere acceptance of the fate of a man and its deciding factors.

This acceptance makes creators, founders, CEOs, owners and investors mature to commit wholeheartedly to the process of creating a relentless business continuity plan.

Once the acceptance is found genuine –the real work begins by engaging with experts who can support you in the process of building a resilient continuity plan catering to the all-encompassing uncertainties with -man-behind-the-business and the business itself in its rampantly changing ecosystem realities.

Business Continuity: Myths and misunderstandings

Myth & Misunderstanding 1

Continuity is matter of intent

Myth & Misunderstanding 2

Continuity is matter of mental clarity of owner alone

Myth & Misunderstanding 3

Continuity is a one-time event to start and finish

Myth & Misunderstanding 4

Continuity is easy

Myth & Misunderstanding 5

“There is time for planning now”: Plan for continuity is unimportant and can wait

Myth & Misunderstanding 6

People in any capacity connected today with business as family that is owning/running to decades old stakeholders even like customers and employees and other will all understand if the business continuity is affected, and they all will support with as much love & patience as they are with business today!

Business Continuity: Flourish or Perish?

In context of business continuity, the below graph is a portrayal of the world-wide data being summed up.

The key to right transitioning is the timing to begin the process for readiness, acceptance and architecting the way forward –guaranteeing multi-fold growth helping all stakeholders to commit.

25-30 Years 30-50 Years More than 50 Years 100 Businesses Startup 7 Gets Sold Only 3 Grow 10 Stagnate About 80 Die Decision point for business continuity planning


A proactive and timely beginning of business, family and ownership readiness is the most vital element of ensuring holistic and long-term growth and continuity of a business in a structured, scalable,and fulfilling way.