Insights on Family Business

A collection of our latest insights on the challenges, opportunities and solutions that matter most for family businesses.

What is a beautiful business? 

Have you ever asked yourself what beautiful means?  Have you wondered what a beautiful business then is? Why does having a beautiful business truly matter?  Why creating a beautiful business means you will have lasting success? I share a perspective here, and you, if you wish, you could share yours via emailing it to me.

What ensures that a family’s timeless wants are met?

Usually, family businesses with lasting legacies have these 3 timeless wants:  For these wants to become a reality, it is considered that institutionalized approach provides greater chances of success to build a lasting legacy.   If institutionalisation of family holds a tall order to deliver eternity of success, harmony, abundance and meaning, then the only hope

Your approach of constitution-making determines its success or failure 

Recently, we have come across many family businesses who have a constitution and yet, they find it completely worthless as it is nothing more that a book on the table. This isn’t a new problem. In fact, many family businesses have burnt their hands by making their constitution without the understanding of what approach will

How family-owned businesses continue to thrive for over 300 years?

Everybody knows and everybody feels that the world is turbulent. If you don’t feel that today, you haven’t been paying enough attention.   You know that today’s environment isn’t what it was 10 years ago or, for that matter, even 5 years ago.   The pace of life is accelerating and world has become foggy in addition

Developing consciousness for Institutionalisation of Family Business   

Building a constitutional system is the first step Family-owned businesses have a powerhouse of family behind them. A family creates an endless legacy perpetuating prosperity, community welfare, love, and harmony. Legacy begins with the first generation. The family must begin institutionalisation to grow beyond the 3rd, 7th and 20th generation. The first step for this

Your legacy is in your hands.

Worrying about your children is what everyone does. Worrying about the unborn generations of children is only special to the family businesses.   We have been privileged to witness and feel this type of worry by families running their family enterprise worldwide as – The worry of power. The worry for power deeply impacts family businesses’

Why Family Business Become Victim of the Power Struggle in Family?

Have you seen family businesses with power imbalance?  Have you come across how it is to live and feel in one of such family business? Do you believe your family business is not facing any power imbalance? If it is having the power imbalance, then what kind of suppressed feelings and forces in individuals do

A family constitution on paper is less important than the process of making it. Why? 

Multigenerational Indian family businesses are uniquely placed. They are different.  They have enjoyed great success in their first two generations. This gives many of them a feeling that ‘what has worked thus far in managing family and business will work in the future as well, giving the same strength-to-strength in future’.  They can’t be blamed. 

If communication can save heart-breaks and wars in the family, the family constitution lays a sound groundwork for the effectiveness of communication.

Did it occur to you why communication in business-owning families is so widely felt unsettling? Did it occur to you why – Even when it is pulsating and unsettling to the core of almost every multigenerational family, people hardly take conscious steps to level up their game? Why do they instead decide to live with

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