Family Enterprise Mission

Your mission is your family’s reason to exist.

Family Enterprise Mission

Your mission is your family’s reason to exist.

As family grows, new members join, and new generations come into decision-making – what remains as the common binding force for all family members are the family values and the family mission. Creating a shared family mission will help to steer the family and the business through the next stages of growth.

Family Enterprise Mission: A sense and a spirit

The sense and spirit of mission is what is the true legacy that passes on from one generation till the end of time. This sense grows in its existence and meaning.

The method through which this sense and spirit is developed, managed and grown is embedded within the expression engineering of what truly the family stands for (i.e. The Family Shared Values).

Family Shared Values are not what you want to portray your family as. Rather, it is what each member of the family truly lives out of.

Family Enterprise Mission: Can a family business do without it?

Family Identity, reputation and goodwill are all outcomes of a family who truly believes and lives their family mission. They understand what it means to own their Family Mission and keep it alive in everything they do – family decisions, family representation, business decisions and so forth.

Family businesses who do not have a family mission make a silent choice to not put their true collective potential to use, individually and collectively. They underestimate their collective strength, potential and power with which they can make a real difference.

The irony here is: Most family businesses do not even know that they are operating with limited potential. In few cases, family businesses who do recognise this, do not gather the courage to voice this to other family members and seek external help.

Family Enterprise Mission: Our approach

At SOCH, we have always helped our clients to differentiate between a mission on the wall and a mission that is carried in hearts and behaviours of all stakeholders throughout the family enterprise.

This isn’t easy.
It is easy when you have clarity.
You have clarity when you really want to have the clarity.
Getting clear is a choice.

Few glimpses of a family businesses designing their Family Enterprise Mission:


If your family enterprise mission makes you happy, you are going all wrong about it.

Your family mission must make you restless. It must make all of you restless every day, every night.