Being rich does not come without toil and unspoken sacrifices.

Enjoying the richness requires a Family Office.

Being rich does not come without toil and unspoken sacrifices.

Enjoying the richness requires a Family Office.

Out of zillions of jobs that a Family Office performs, the primary purpose is to protect the peace, long-term security, and wealth of the family.

Family Office: Guided by Constitution. Directed by Governance.

A family office operates like the quiet engine room of the Titanic, enabling it to consistently keep healthy relationships with the stakeholders in the ecosystem it traverses such as government bodies, law & jurisdictions, investment banks, private wealth & equity managers, regulatory bodies, world-wide estate & private islands agencies, socio-ecological vehicles in philanthropy umbrellas and similar.

SOCH Model and Architecture of Family Office

To fulfill the promise of the peace, long-term security, and wealth, our practice is acutely designed with the DNA of the client family.  

Not all family offices are the same.

Family offices are designed as per the family’s DNA, constitution, and governance. It can deliver everything from a simplistic personal wealth planning to complex collective investment and asset management.

The diagram below shows that the family business who is the client family sits at the heart of the Family Office. The role of the family office is to act as a shield between family and external institutions, bodies and stakeholders to guide, protect and grow the wealth, reputation, impact and value of the family.

Family Office: Source of long-term growth of financial capital & social capital

To many, family office appears as a back side functioning entity doing the operational work relating to finance. However, the prime thing that a family office delivers is the cohesiveness of the identity of the family business, growing the financial capital whilst increasing the trust with all stakeholders. In addition, a family office further strengthens a credible reputation which can help differentiate your family business in a crowded marketplace and build partnerships across generations


Throughout our endeavour to support family businesses for 25 years, it has become more and more clear that a carefully thought, well prepared and proactive planned family office is paramount in ensuring continuity of success.

From acknowledging why a family office is important for a high-net-worth family, to defining your constitution, governance and a customised family office – it is a destiny defining journey for harmony and prosperity of family business.

Like all families, ultra-high-net-worth families do evolve over time, and their investment thinking will change, requiring new skills, capabilities and experiences.

A family office has the accountability to stay relevant to the family it serves and make sure it is stays upbeat and earnestly moves forward the well-being and welfare of the family business.