Family Mediation » Conflict Resolution

Globally, mediation has become a common mean of resolving conflict.

Family Mediation » Conflict Resolution

Globally, mediation has become a common mean of resolving conflict.

In family businesses, mediation is brought in action at a stage when a conflict is premature and has not yet taken the shape of a dispute. Mainly, in the healthy zone, mediation helps truly elate and elevate the relationship itself. At SOCH, for family mediation, we use the patented tools of empathy, objectivity, and facilitation of emotional healing.

Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution: A process of problem solving

Contrary to the popular belief that mediation is the last step to solve conflicts, we want to bring it to your perspective that using mediation early in the process to solve problems has three key advantages:

Conflicts don’t turn into disputes

Mediation provides an opportunity to build a radically new understanding for each other and the problem at hand

Mediation helps avoid erosion of time, money, relationships, emotions and hope of future

Our recommendation: See Mediation as the first step in a collaborative effort to solve a problem or work out a creative solution, instead of seeing it as the last resort.

Family Mediation success yardstick: Perspective and emotional maturity

The key to measure an effective mediation is not whether the conflict is resolved, but, how the family members involved in the mediation process grow in their orientation, outlook, perspectives and emotions they carry towards other members and also themselves.

It is a valuable opportunity if the mediation is effective, and it can help people come to a newfound respect for each other.

The professionals who engage in mediation are experts in understanding words, feelings behind those words, the tonality and the body language as a whole. Hence, most of their job is to stay 80% quiet and 20% facilitating the minds and hearts of family members to reach the next level of deeper affection, relief and resolve.

Family Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Honest, Open and Vulnerable

There are many tools, frameworks, methods, and guidelines available for mediation. In our experience, the most effective mediation helps the family members to come with their honest, open and vulnerable position. They key is they come with the intent to not just solve the problem but also heal and grow the relationship in the process. 

SOCH Facilitated Family Mediation

At SOCH, an expert led mediation happens when the mediator attempts to facilitate conversations between the family members in conflict. Rather than making recommendations or imposing a decision, the mediator encourages the family members to reach their own voluntary solution by exploring each other’s deeper interests, fears, and point-of-views. In facilitative mediation, mediators tend to keep their own views regarding the conflict hidden as it is unimportant.

In case of involvement of many family members in the process of mediation, sometimes, mediators are required to hold private meetings formally known as caucuses. During complex mediations, it is vital to consider long-standing memories and injuries. In these private meetings, the coaches help speed up the openness to discuss in the light of hope.


Often people carry a misconception that mediation requires trust on others. In reality, the contrary is true. Mediation requires individuals to trust themselves to begin with.

Mediation can be a very powerful process to bridge conflicts in a more respectable, private, and harmless way.