Easy is the enemy of best & Cheap is the enemy of a thriving life

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted June 5, 2024 in Leadership

Easy is the enemy of best & Cheap is the enemy of a thriving life

Does the title above speak to you?  

Take a moment and form your own mind around this.  

Let me add few socially awkward but truths nonetheless, to help you come around right on this critical perspective. 

First, what is cheap? Notice your feeling when you mind processes this word. 

Think of the following: 

Cheap food. 

Cheap dress. 

Cheap designer shoe. 

Cheap behaviour. 

Cheap relationship. 

Cheap school. 

Cheap consulting. 

What do you feel when your heart and mind was reading these? 

What was common feel across all of them irrespective of the second word in the list items?  

Doesn’t the word make you feel uncomfortable? 

Does it make you feel look bad in your own eyes? 

Does it make you feel compromised in some ways to many ways when you have this in you? 

Doesn’t having word cheap in life makes you feel below the acceptable level of your identity?  

Doesn’t it make you cave in to something you hate to admit? 

No one likes to be called upon when they make decision that are based on cheap as a driving motive, but they would hate to admit it.  

In fact, they would never want to speak to the other person who makes them realise that you are making a cheap decision.  

Why? Having done something in action but stating in the word makes you go on a world war with the people around, but you would go to your own war to forever stop making such choices? 

There are many culprits’ underneath that support cheap sense of anything that you practically decide to buy, or act upon but you have championed an immunity wall that is lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favourite excuses.  

These excuses you give others and mainly yourself only to create false immunity you need against owning the accountability of anything cheap really. 

Usually, it is almost always people go like – Oh! That’s too expensive. Well, it is not too expensive, but you are looking for cheaper options.  

You are looking for cheaper options because the magnitude of problem you are trying to solve hasn’t fully made effect in your consciousness to solve. 

You are not looking for desire but the bare minimum to solve. 

When you tap into your desires to thrive and see from that lens the money doesn’t matter if the solution is capable to deliver the thriving. But to be sure, you ought to put efforts and sincerity is expensive business.  

To admit that you need to make a desire-led decision that governs thriving is from childhood training not allowed or at least not allowed easily.  

One of the most common excuses on the decorated wall of immunity to cheap decisions is – ease of doing something, easy decision, and so forth.  

While easy is the enemy of best, it does a double sin. 

One, by not allowing you to go for the real option that fulfils true & greater desires and two, through stories to convince you that saving that penny was worth it, it keeps in within the four walls of ignorance that you are making cheap centric decisions for things that are significantly needing your absolute unprejudiced attitude. 

My work that has helped clients who are harnessing the real best as per what they deserve and desire begins with first an admittance to the truth that cheap is not what  I would ever agree to, and no more immunity walls.  

There is one thing that is saving the dime, and it is another to look for cheaper options. Feel the difference. You can save the dime by negotiating on offered price but not leave something that it absolutely going to deliver the deserved reality.  

It is not anyone’s fault, most of the ultra-wealthy have worked very hard to save even 10/- and they know the value of money building that took away their best years of life. But, having it now developed as a mental conditioning to make turn a blind-eye if anything is appearing as over-boarding & expensive, can be real issue in enabling you to thrive boundlessly in any area of growth.  

Our desires are critical to be respected.  

Desires to accomplish cannot be done by cheap alternatives or thoughts of cheapness.  

Desire come from higher consciousness and individuals who trust in themselves and take efforts in understanding what exactly their desires tell them and will take from them will be able to have no immunity wall decorated with favourite excuses to protect the cheap decisions.  

We, as a country are standing at a greatest test of time, a time that test our true greatness. Our greatness in abandoning all till date attitudes and beliefs we held close and work hard towards honouring our truest desires by first understanding them and their long-term giving.  

The one only fundamental thing it will take from you is to be responsible in abandoning the unserving and equally be responsible in honouring your own dreams and desires that God has bestowed upon you or the family.  

The above content is a significant part of hours of work that I had to do with some of the wealthiest (in terms of bank account but also their thoughts!) chairman of large enterprises and family business owners in last 2 years. It has changed now their fortune by multifold but mainly it has made them truly rich in time, happiness, and greatness. 

Over to you. Take it easy. It is hard to digest. Be compassionate to yourself and the writing. It how any truths are. Bitter, but for better.  

Good day. 

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