By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 3, 2023 in Leadership


You and your purpose in life are the same thing. Your purpose is to be you.
– George Alexiou

The more you are you, the more you live the purpose.

What stops you from being you?

Why is ‘being you’ so hard?

Why is being you much easier to think and feel but hard to be? 

Why is being you feared, to a great extent, so much that your whole life could go living without being you? Why does your mind never come to rescue you from the jail you live in of not being you?

Who comes most in the way of being you?

The answer is ever present from eternity to eternity ahead. History suggests that from times of Gods and Kings, an aspiration of one man to reveal his true being has met clashes.

We have seen around ourselves and through awareness of surrounding humans that the biggest reason people who want to live a purpose don’t complete pursuits is due to resistance from loved ones first, then others. 

Thus, your loved ones come in the way, and then you come in the way. 

I don’t need to explain the reasons for this or for any other excuse to come in the way. You are smart enough to answer it. If you don’t understand, take a pen and paper and write your heart out. 

It could range from they are scared of you if you change and affect their lives negatively or you let them come in the way because you are afraid of something inside you.

The heart knows the truth. It always knows. If you want to know, take a paper and write with your pen. Pen will speak heart’s truth unless you bring your mind in the way. 

If nothing works, then there is a proven way which is spiritually honourable and mentally strengthening.

It is consciousness.

To understand consciousness, you can remind yourself that ‘we are not human beings for experiencing spirituality, but rather, we are spiritual beings here to have experience of human being’.

Our consciousness is the kingdom of the free soul. Our consciousness has all that relieves us from whatever is holding us from attaining our purpose to its abundant extent.

Albert Einstein said this on a lighter but sublime note: “A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”

Understand that consciousness helps the ship sail to its purpose. Here, the ship is your soul. The shore is the mind which has kept the soul safe but robbed it of its true purpose, that is, to experience the pursuit that the soul is meant to.

If you ask yourself, Can your mind stop the soul from experiencing what it means to experience spiritual abundance, prosperity and happiness using the creation of what it seeks as a dream??

The answer is yes and no!

YES: The mind can hold the soul. Period.

NO: Because the mind can hold only until the body is alive, the soul travels in hunger to complete the pursuit and will do it through another body’s mind.

That way is – Consciousness.

Human consciousness is the consciousness of the whole universe, and it knows no fear and has no emotions.

There is a consciousness in every living being, and that consciousness aims to experience through that living being whatever it ventures for.

A beautiful flower is an outcome of the consciousness of that plant. It ought to express and experience blossoming.

Why, knowing all, having all, do we stop being what we are born to?

For this, I always refer to what Albert Einstein said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.” One such reflection comes in Sun Tzu’s famous saying: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”  – Sun Tzu

Meaning: When businesses get in action mode without having a purposeful strategy to express love, the business holds for its passion for products and services.

Those actions, however busy they appear, are noise before defeat! Defeat is rich enough to satisfy the ego as it dwells in ignorance. If consciousness is the perspective to view, Sun Tzu will remain eternal victorious to fulfil all man ever wants to create.

Even though we know the above at a sublime level, we get ourselves unreleased. The evidence of that would be in the above questions I asked you to ask yourself.

You always come in your way, and loved ones never come in the way because you let them.

This is what happens to those at 99% of mass wishing for a reality they so very much have all that is needed to create.

If you find yourself at this cross and wish to release your ship from the shore to sail, then there is the simplest thing you must do to remember. Maya Angelou most beautifully says this:

“Have enough courage to trust love and always one more time trust.” Allow yourself to pause at this saying by Maya Angelou. Take a few deep breaths and feel you are setting your ‘intention’ to TRUST love.

Love and safety are opposing concepts; consciousness drinks love, and unconsciousness drinks safety.

So, if you are all about safety, it says that your consciousness to experience life is at the bottom of seven consciousness levels.

All men who created history have done one thing – Choose to be on the side of love forever.  

They decided to love. Make this conscious choice to love and to trust love, and you are on your way to venture into the unknown, attaining spiritual abundance, prosperity and happiness.

With this decision of love, you are already raising your consciousness to connect with a higher consciousness, and soon, you will feel blessed for your choice, leaving the gravity of safety. The ship has to sail. It will. With or without your body!

All men who chose love invited higher consciousness to let abundance flow to them. They chose love because love helps you look up and not down; it inspires and not despairs.

So, choose love, and you will be who you are born to be.