Mentoring: The time has now come

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted May 2, 2017 in Leadership

Mentoring: The time has now come

Today as a business, there are so many options of help available to leaders. But what matters is the way of the help. One of the sure ways of finding the right approach is by ‘Mentoring’. But what is Mentoring?

The origin of the word ‘Mentor’ comes from the Greek epic Odyssey. Telemachus, the son of King Odysseus was left in trusted care of a person named Mentor. He advised, trained and oversaw the development of Telemachus, in absence of his father. The word mentor today is used for advisors, senior leaders who inspire and suggest ways ahead or people who are trusted and wise in their chosen professional space.

So is mentoring telling people what to do? Is it advising the way ahead? Or is it helping the seeker find answers? In today’s challenging environment, it is all of the above and more. The spectrum of mentoring would involve wearing many hats depending on the need of the hour, the person in front and the requirements that surface. A straitjacket answer would not help anyone.

Now when it comes to businesses as leaders, they may require unique help in different areas. Somewhere they may need to test assumptions, somewhere beliefs and yet some place tests their own knowledge. A combination of information, knowledge and wisdom but most importantly a partner who has walked the journey walking alongside so that he can help the business from wasting resources or making the same mistakes as before.

In addition, when organisations become big, they become bulky. Often they are unable to see the entire picture or the domino effect of the decisions and that is when having an external, uninvolved party always helps the organisation take the steps that ensure they don’t step on their own toes and tumble.

In today’s fast paced continuously changing external environment, even the help that the businesses take must be of not just technical and advisory, but of someone who can challenge the status quo and bring new perspectives on the business floor. As the true key to success is not the reality, but the way a business is able to decode the reality for competitive advantage.