Money, Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted October 25, 2022 in Leadership

Money, Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance


Have you ever wondered what prosperity means?

Did you ask your beloved wife that darling, do you need money or need prosperity or need wealth? – And was she able to share her pearls of wisdom on the same?

Did it ever occur to you that money grows to wealth, wealth grows to prosperity, and prosperity grows to abundance in proportion to your intense focus on growing the fortune?

Have you asked yourself the question, what perhaps is fortune?

And finally, did it ever occur to you how much time people take in their lifetime (often more than a lifetime) to understand the definitions and differences of the above? Let alone the significant fact that it is essential to accept the responsibility they had always waited for in ignorance.

Let me explain in brief, people need to not only take time to understand the money to wealth to prosperity to abundance transition, but most crucially, they must understand that the only way to have this transition successfully is when they forthrightly understand the importance of accepting responsibility for growing their fortune (and not just focus on money).

The business is a vehicle to generate fortunes, depending on whether you are focusing on money or abundance. Second, business is temporary. Institutional architecture in business is vital for perpetuating the good fortunes to grow and preserve for generations to last.

Choose to institutionalise your business. The wealth and abundance it can generate need preserving for generations to come and thrive further upon in the context of great fortunes.

Are you giving importance to accepting the responsibility for growing your fortune? Do you have, in this now, the importance of accepting the responsibility – both for setting a growing fortune strategy and ensuring that things stay on course?

On this New Year today, most of Gujarat & even other parts of the country wish each other a happy and prosperous new year—perhaps the above may impart a different meaning sufficient to make an actionable difference in your lives and those you wish to.

Did I ever mention that when you have values, and you use values in creating wealth, utilising wealth, distributing wealth, tax planning on wealth, and doing estate planning, it is not money, i.e., without actionable values at the centre of all above, you don’t have wealth, just money? Hence, no good fortune but money.

Thus, I encourage you to think about learning the importance of accepting responsibility to move from money to wealth to prosperity to abundance. And use your navigation tool that is your values in making you build good fortune using your business. Get your business ready to transform into an institutionalised fortune builder for ages. Become that leader who transforms.

I hope the above helps.

I wish you a happy and prosperous year ahead.