We help our clients build a brand identity that inspires trust, confidence, and pride in their buyers across the globe.

We help our clients build a brand identity that inspires trust, confidence, and pride in their buyers across the globe.

The efforts for brand development fail in most cases because it is misplaced with marketing.

So, what is the difference?

A brand carries the institutional identity.

The institution’s identity is the character – the reason consumers worldwide love to buy from them.

And marketing is a way to communicate this character and reason for the consumers to be inspired by the brand and the institution, giving them enough confidence in their buying decisions.

Stronger. Longer. Deeper.

The key job of a brand is not to acquire customers. It is to create a rightful customer base that connects with your company identity and philosophy and resonates with everything that customers care about.

The stronger the connection, the longer & deeper the relationship with customers.

An important reminder is that companies cannot fool customers with fake claims and promises hiding behind awe-inspiring branding and marketing efforts. It is a delicate relationship, and trust, once gained, needs sincere and continuous promise fulfilment.

Thus, a century-old business witha global consumer base thrives all the storms of changes andcontinues to win consumer confidence every day because they understand that it all comes down to the integrity of brand promises. This integrity is key to ageless success and continuous growth.

SOCH framework of brand development

We at SOCH develop brands from the seed of beliefs, values, assumptions, and expectations that the founder carries in their personal philosophy that guides his life decisions. Starting from here enables the brand engineering to imbue and imbibe the company’s soul in every fabric of its systems, structure and processes.


The oldest and still the most challenging approach of building and protecting generational businesses is to build a character and brand identity that is ageless, trusted, original & reliable.

This is possible only when every person in the organisation believes and breaths the brand values in every decision and action.

Most certainly, leaders have the accountability to create a tangible engineered system at the organisation level that makes the above possible.