Building Marketing Capabilities

Marketing is about letting your customer know why they should trust you.

Building Marketing Capabilities

Marketing is about letting your customer know why they should trust you.

When your marketing communication reaches your customers and makes them believe that you are more worried about their needs and problems rather than just selling the product or service. Marketing has done a good job.

Marketing: An interface between your brand and your customer

In our working with our clients, we make sure that they understand that marketing is not a technical function. It is a huge responsibility to build and maintain the integrity that inspires customers’ trust.

Communications in marketing are not about the features, price, offers and similar. It is about what the company stands for in the creation of the products and services and why do they believe that it matters for their customers.

Thus, it is the first point of contact of a business with its customers knowingly establishing a promise and an expectation through its marketing.

Branding and Marketing together power business growth

Businesses exist to serve their customers. Those businesses who understand what their customers want and need today and in near future have a better chance of thriving in these competitive business environments.

In the above pursuit, branding helps businesses be clear about their promise to the customers in serving these needs and wants.

Marketing enables the communication of the above promise to ensure that the customers know why, what, when and how to reach to your business to seek solutions to their problems.

Branding, without marketing, is soul without the body.

Marketing, without branding, is body without the soul.

None alone can deliver results you want.

SOCH framework of developing marketing capabilities

We at SOCH develop brands from the seed of beliefs, values, assumptions, and expectations that the founder carries in their personal philosophy that guides his life decisions. Starting from here enables the brand engineering to imbue and imbibe the company’s soul in every fabric of its systems, structure and processes.


Every leader has a choice to opt for the hit and miss method of marketing. It isn’t the question of right or wrong.

The real question to ask here is: Are your marketing efforts yielding you the business results, inspiring your customers to choose you and developing your brand equity as you aspire for?