Irrespective of which business you are in, progress requires planning.

Irrespective of which business you are in, progress requires planning.

Businesses entering new or existing markets with new or existing product lines, would require a fail-safe business continuity plan. The investment in this plan ensures that the expansion strategy and plan work.

Growth requires planning

Business planning helps organisation’s resilience to come in play by making them responsive to change. It ingrains the attitude and skills required to bring agility and essential processes, systems and culture.

We have observed that businesses that plan effectively and timely are able to

  1. Create right hypothesis and scenarios
  2. Build right assumptions and response to them
  3. Capture markets with lower cost of capital
  4. Build consumer base with a substantially higher ROI

The successful implementation of business plan almost guarantees the continuity of business to thrive.

How We Can Help

Predictability can be misleading. A data-driven approach can help in building the right insightful models.

At SOCH, business planning and continuity is a serious activity. It requires a closer, honest and open assessment of the business assumptions and leader’s beliefs that they hold. This allows the plan to be thoroughly reviewed from various perspectives, data-supported insights and careful risks.

We apply our business and economic skills to provide our clients with clear insights into the markets that they are aiming to enter. We enhance the leader’s ability to execute a successful expansion plan.

Our approach is driven by our clients’ commercial objectives and the overall purpose of expansion. We provide a detailed top-down and bottom-up analysis of the broad economic and socio-political factors to be build a model for market demand and revenue forecasting.

Our acute design of market research picks the psychographic and demographic buying patterns of the new markets. This helps our clients to design the right go-to-market strategies and the roadmap for expansion.


Business planning and continuity may seem optional to many. And this is what differentiates a business which creates trends and those who follow. Needless to say, the trend creators captures the biggest and long-term advantage in terms of customer trust, loyalty, and so forth.

If you are thinking of launching a new business or product, give a thought to a formal and structured way of building your business and continuity plan.