In times of crisis, do you aim to survive or thrive?

In times of crisis, do you aim to survive or thrive?

The core differentiator between a business that thrives and the one that survives, is the ability to manage a crisis exceptionally well.

How do we see a crisis?

In our experience, crisis comes in two ways. One that is externally triggered such as Covid crisis and the other that is internally instigated by the leaders – We call it the Growth Crisis.

A crisis need not be seen, as a problem that cannot be solved.

We urge you to see crisis as an opportunity to think and act like you have never done before.

Making crisis an opportunity to thrive

While working on transformation projects, one of our key focus is to enable businesses and their organisations to be prepared for growth, and every growth brings with itself a growth crisis.

This preparation would include:

Clarity of the plan of action to deal with the crisis

Leader’s raising the sense of urgency across the board (partners/brothers/employees and so forth)

A well-defined and articulated communication plan to keep the focus

Rewards and penalties to be systematised, linking it with the accountability structure from top to bottom

An honest design of a resilient organisation structure, system and processes to support the growth irrespective of external factors

Why should leaders care to invest in preparing for crisis?

In times of crisis, nothing works – no statistics, no predictions and no pre-existing models.

What works is the internal clarity, resilience, endurance, and a clear plan of action to deal with the crisis.

As leaders, it is your accountability to keep your customers’ trust in your business and your leadership. This trust takes the business a long way even after the crisis is over. The pay-off that the business receives from this is long-term customer loyalty, support and choosing you as their de-facto choice for their growing needs.


We’re entering a period of unprecedented instability and an ever growing opportunity. Is your business prepared?