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Is your business effective and efficient?

When owners speak, they usually use significantly far meaning terms interchangeably. Two of the most common terms that are critical to differentiate are – efficiency and effectiveness.  Efficiency is doing the things right, but effectiveness is doing the right things.  So, is your business doing least effective things highly efficiently?   Is your business least efficient in

6 counter-intuitive truths of sales if you want to grow consistently6 counter-intuitive truths of sales 

Everybody knows and everybody feels that the world is turbulent. If you don’t feel that today, you haven’t been paying enough attention. You know that today’s environment isn’t what it was 10 years ago or, for that matter, even 5 years ago The pace of life is accelerating and world has become foggy in addition

A perspective on: Becoming the de-facto choice of customers for your consistent growth A perspective on: 

In any business, the growth levers are considered as sales, marketing, and branding. Of course, product manufacturing and service deliveries are all crucial. But it all matters only when the customers make that buying decision.   And growth comes when before the customer makes that buying decision to fulfil their goals, they already have your product


You must have seen growth and prosperity with people who maybe not selling affluent or expensive products or services.  You must have seen people who are selling affluent products and service which don’t have affluence of a deserving kind.  Why?  Because it doesn’t matter what you sell that defines your own prosperity and affluence. Only

A 100% employee run organisation

Problem Space:  Organisations today need to be more resilient, fast-paced, and adaptive to deliver a business response.  This cannot be the responsibility of one single man – the owner. It requires the powerhouse of all within the organization – the employees — to build a better business and a better future for themselves. It requires resilience

Confusion can cost profits and wasted potential

Problem Space:  This article is relevant for you if:  We all know the answer it takes to build a dream company but we rarely make it happen to sprawl & flourish for generations across the world. Why so?  Why despite knowing the answer to build a world class business, having the first step of vision


You must have noticed that the answer to simple wants and desires are in deeper awakenings? You may believe that it is not just sometimes but most of the times.  One such awakening exists between really grabbing the difference you feel between the answer you give to yourself about – Are you rich? Or are


How to see sales, and how not? What gives it strength? How can effective selling save irrecoverable time, money and resources? What definition do you have for sales that defines everything from your capital investment decisions and planning decisions to major operational & change decisions? Think and tell yourself, or better write on a piece

A Hope For Humanity – Blockchain & NFTs. Can NFTs & Blockchain Save The Humanity?  

Can you see the connection of art in the lives of human beings?  What role has art played in inspiring humans under his unimaginably painful endeavours that history evidence (and yet a large portion remains uncovered and hence not part of historic know-how)?  What role has art played in significantly shifting civilisations from one stage of human

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