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A collection of our latest insights on the challenges, opportunities and solutions that matter most for business and organisations to transform into resilient, thriving, innovating and sustainably profitable businesses.

Leading teams

A quick recap of the previous part of this article: At SOCH, we believe we have created an atmosphere where there are 3 essential things we take care of, to transform a group into a team and then transcend them into a force of good. (A disclaimer: We are not perfect at all but a

What is required for running an organisation in today’s world?

When we consult our clients for their cashflows to break 10-figure upwards yearly revenue, it is often a debate where they ask — “What truly running an organisation involves?” There are two ways to approach this question: Way 1: A profitable company If you are primarily aiming to build prosperity by delivering high-competence, high-performance and

Leading Teams for Purpose, Prosperity & Performance

Please accept my sincere thank you to all, especially those who wrote back their dilemmas and concerns on the same. I believe it is much simpler to be profound when even if you don’t write a gratitude note once in a lifetime or decade but if we have an environment where thank you(s) are in

The Real Value of Marketing

We have often heard business owners complain about their marketing teams or super high marketing investments compared to the expected returns. There is a lot of pain that comes with marketing going wrong for most businesses – mainly the pain of unmet expectations, and once this happens a bigger lose occurs with owners losing faith

Get your business growing to new heights using leadership and not an ownership mindset 

First, I would like to thank several business owners (Indian and global owners) who trusted us for making a critical transition in them – Moving from ownership thinking to leadership thinking, doing, and leading for results.  To be an owner is challenging for sure. It takes incredible strength to pull the business as an owner. It takes grit

Change – The need and the way

While some people keep trying to bring change in their organisation, others may have taken a step forward by hiring experts to bring change. Irrespective of how you bring change, it is impossible for organisations to ignore the need for change today. If we look at the history, companies have survived and thrived in changing

Time for Spiritual Commerce has come.

A decade ago, while dealing with some of the toughest business paradoxes and dilemmas, I observed an incredible reality, i.e. Cognitive Intelligence comes to a limit. Beyond a limit, even the Creative Intelligence seeks direction, and they both only renew and re-invent in the realm of Spiritual Intelligence.  A business has problems that are bigger than the boundary of the

Consulting is more.

Most often, businesses fail to understand the role and impact of consulting. This limited awareness of consulting often results in them choosing quicker and short-term solutions which do not deliver the desired results, ultimately resulting in an even poorer state, loss of confidence and most important of all, loss of time. Understanding consulting… Consulting is

The role of mentoring in business growth

How we see the role of mentors in business growthIf teachers help you gain knowledge,If friends give you unbiased views,If parents give you wisdom,Then mentors help you build. Needless to say, the business environment today is getting highly unpredictable and complex. The changes in the past few months almost seem like changes of a decade.

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