Leading teams – Part 3

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted November 5, 2022 in Insights on Business & Organisation Transformation

Leading teams – Part 3

A quick recap of the previous part of this article:

At SOCH, we believe we have created an atmosphere where there are 3 essential things we take care of, to transform a group into a team and then transcend them into a force of good.

(A disclaimer: We are not perfect at all but a work-in-progress company in everything we do).

The 3 essential things are:

  1. An atmosphere which gives profound psychological safety to individuals
  2. Vulnerability is powerful
  3. A purpose we share that leads us to help family businesses transform into an outstanding and fulfilling institution of love and success for generations to come

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In this article, we will be focusing on point (2) of the above: Vulnerability is powerful.

How does it makes you feel when you open up to someone sharing a vulnerable part of yours?

What about you opening up with your business partner, who maybe your own brother?

Have you? When was the last time you opened up?

How was it and did you gain a better sense of:

  • Who you are in that moment?
  • Who the person is to whom you opened up?
  • What the situation is really that you are in?

Is it very often that you allow yourself to open up and share and let others inspires to do the same?

Have you ever done this intentionally? Meaning, you escaped the gravity of lie, excuse making, ignoring, or self pity.

If you did, you would know how it feels.

What it does to you in building a new story you tell to yourself with more clarity and truth?

What it did to help you improve in the way you now see the relationship with whom you shared the vulnerability?

What it did to the situation — the situation did not resolve on its own but you gained better control on yourself, better control on consequences hence.

If you had done this consistently then you would be able to see that how vulnerability is not only a true power but when effectively shared it connects us with ourselves at richer and deeper levels.

It connects with others at more meaningful levels hence as a result you create more trust. In nutshell, it is the powerhouse of building trust in a culture.

Leading teams with growing trust among them can only be possible when they skill fully develop an ability to share vulnerability.

This way from top line teams to bottom line teams when culture is created based on trust on self and trust on others as a cohesive set of people you would be able to command moving mountains. Admittedly, not like some foolish claim here that you just begin pouring your heart and culture is created. Absolutely not. A significant amount of mechanism and communication excellence centres got to be created for making a culture that performs tirelessly without tiring teams. This is not possible in a write up to explain. However, the core zest is what last three articles including this is aiming to help you have the point come home.

If this has a scope in your view in your organisation then write to us and we could share insights in most private and confidential way that could only marry with your given situation, circumstances and expectations.

Hope this helped..

Keep good.