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Most family wars occur in ways that no families or loved ones should experience. Usually, it is because of no major rife but a persisting and lurking ill beneath the surface born out of mild unfairness to a full-blown war one day. In most cases, wealthy families have passive or active battles of power, resentment,

The crucial engine of business today if they want to thrive in times ahead

Until the turn of this century, the competitive advantage recognised innovation and speed as the edge for thriving businesses. Today is a new age. Businesses no longer find any edge in the concept of competitive advantage itself.  This means the competitive advantage of innovation and speed has become no longer an advantage but survival at

Why understanding love is critical for success?

A few months ago, a third-generation owner starting a new line of business sought our services to help him expand at a better clock speed than his industry average. He is part of a professionally run 101-year old family enterprise from India with operations in nearly 70 countries. The mandate given to us was to


One of the family business giant’s owner asked us – Why he could not consciously create growth? Why is their growth pre-set by the older relationships that their previous generation had established, and all they do is fulfil orders?  After admiring his honest admission and transparency – I asked him his definition of value creation.

Is your business effective and efficient?

When owners speak, they usually use significantly far meaning terms interchangeably. Two of the most common terms that are critical to differentiate are – efficiency and effectiveness.  Efficiency is doing the things right, but effectiveness is doing the right things.  So, is your business doing least effective things highly efficiently?   Is your business least efficient in

6 counter-intuitive truths of sales if you want to grow consistently

Everybody knows and everybody feels that the world is turbulent. If you don’t feel that today, you haven’t been paying enough attention. You know that today’s environment isn’t what it was 10 years ago or, for that matter, even 5 years ago The pace of life is accelerating and world has become foggy in addition

A perspective on: Becoming the de-facto choice of customers for your consistent growth

In any business, the growth levers are considered as sales, marketing, and branding. Of course, product manufacturing and service deliveries are all crucial. But it all matters only when the customers make that buying decision.   And growth comes when before the customer makes that buying decision to fulfil their goals, they already have your product


You must have seen growth and prosperity with people who maybe not selling affluent or expensive products or services.  You must have seen people who are selling affluent products and service which don’t have affluence of a deserving kind.  Why?  Because it doesn’t matter what you sell that defines your own prosperity and affluence. Only

A 100% employee run organisation

Problem Space:  Organisations today need to be more resilient, fast-paced, and adaptive to deliver a business response.  This cannot be the responsibility of one single man – the owner. It requires the powerhouse of all within the organization – the employees — to build a better business and a better future for themselves. It requires resilience

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