Impact of ineffective communication of vision

Confusion can cost profits and wasted potential

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted August 1, 2023 in Insights on Business & Organisation Transformation

Confusion can cost profits and wasted potential

Problem Space: 

This article is relevant for you if: 

  • You have a vision on the wall but it is neither implemented nor realised
  • You have communicated the vision but your team isn’t working towards it 
  • Your vision is continuously delayed, and you find yourself mistrusting your own vision.

We all know the answer it takes to build a dream company but we rarely make it happen to sprawl & flourish for generations across the world.

Why so? 

Why despite knowing the answer to build a world class business, having the first step of vision and purpose, we all find it nearly hard to impossible to achieve it?

Hence, in a country of 1.35 billion people with rich heritage, we are yet to find one single family business that spans global boundaries, is thriving and loved by people across the world.

You may feel that the country level quest is beyond the scope of this article — and yes — you are right.

However, the first step that makes or breaks destiny is exactly same whether it is your business or any other.   

Many have missed the real understanding and how for vision and purpose. 

Biggest enemy to the above problem like any other unsolved issue is the voice with in that says — ‘I know’ 

Imagine a new born who learned to turn sides, begin crawling, take stand on the knees, make moves on knees, take a stand on foot, make that wobbly first step, and STOPPED forever! What would have happened to that child if its well fed but he was stopped and that’s it.  

Disturbing yes.

Isn’t this is what companies do? They stop at that first few steps. Making vision is the first step but working to manifest it into reality is another — and most important — don’t stop at any reality. Keep creating a new one until it reaches silently but mightily in every corner of the world (similar to any brand that you look forward to).

If ever there is a religion that has truly crossed nations, beliefs, and hatred then its businesses like them. 

I make no claim of ‘I have figured it all’ and hence sharing a perspective for you to consider worth thinking through or ignore. 

Over the last few years, our observation and research of why great visions (made with heart and strong will) don’t reach reality is dire lack of communication infrastructure, architecture, structure, systems, and execution precision. 

Communication is usually felt important, yet least invested function.

Not a single business owner we met of mighty size and mid-size have disagreed the issues they face due to poorly designed or absent effective communication across families and businesses of theirs.  

The vision, due to its importance and complexity, needs to be communicated considering all the below pointers: 

  • It has a picture to be communicated to people – a future state
  • It has reason embedded in the picture which is usually the emotion that needs to be felt by people as well 
  • It has verbal explanation of the picture that has its major impact on the understanding the picture rather precisely 
  • It has invisible importance associated in terms of financial wellbeing, morale wellbeing, emotional and community welfare 
  • It has choices defined at top level holding integrity with purpose of the business 
  • It has risks associated should the future state envisioned isn’t achieved 
  • It has forecasts, assumptions, and faith statements based on market research led analysis based facts and trends (now & then) that are critical parts of the entire vision comprehension and later its facilitation 
  • It has stakeholder impact boards associated for simply a reason that your vision is only a beautiful wish unless it is something that customer is willing to pay for and the market really drives growth for the demand 
  • ….many more smaller components forms together a comprehensive vision that THEN NEEDS TO COMMUNICATED to the employees, managers, leaders, contractors, boards, consultants, vendors (this is key), and any one else who helps you in realising the vision. 

Remember — ‘It is absolutely your accountability and not any one else’s to build a precise communication function that take responsibility of delivering vision to the heads and hearts of everyone who may need to know as being part of delivery of it, including, stakeholders in many cases.’ 

  • Do you think your vision is communicated well enough from the first person at top to the last man in the organisation. If yes, great. If not, what do you intend to do?
  • Do you think it is communicated again and again and again and once again and more? Yes, communication must be never overdone.. It is a continuous job and it must be done at visual, verbal, auditory and many other levels almost tirelessly but silently without noise. If noise is made in communication the vision will sure fail. 

I wish you all think through this much and rest we cover later or during one-on-one emails as you send.