By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted July 28, 2023 in Business & Organisation


You must have noticed that the answer to simple wants and desires are in deeper awakenings? You may believe that it is not just sometimes but most of the times. 

One such awakening exists between really grabbing the difference you feel between the answer you give to yourself about – Are you rich? Or are you wealthy? 

Let me elaborate this with a story:

Back in ‘90s, Andre Agassi became one of the most successful tennis stars. I read his book and was surprised to learn he hates tennis!

His daddy made him do it.  

It was a torture for him. What the hell?! 

He became successful at it and got rich.

But he never became wealthy because tennis did not make him feel free which is the true  wealth. Instead he took up the immature art of smoking meth.  

Another tennis star, Novak Djokovic, is the opposite of Agassi.

Quoting Novak Djokovic: 

I can carry on playing at this level because I like hitting the tennis ball…there are [other players on the tour] who don’t have the right reason. You don’t need to talk to them. I can see it…. In fact, when you love something or someone, there are no reasons you look for. I played and can forever go on because I just love this!. Illogical as it may seem but all logic of money and future safety fall flat if I don’t have this illogical with me. It has given meaning to all failures of mine and has raised never my success above my head! I am happy and want more to give. 

Novak loves tennis. There’s nothing he’d rather be doing, which is why he hasn’t retired, even though most players from his era have. 

He’s made a lot of money too. But more than that, tennis sets him free to be anything he wants to be. It’s effortless and it’s made effortless because I love. 

While Novak loves what he does, Andre Agassi could never love.  

Human soul travels in search for love.

In search for love, the soul of luxury brand Hermes travel.  *Hermes is the oldest luxury powerhouse since 1837. 

In search for love, the soul of Kongo-Gumi family business which is flourishing since 1400 years (578 A.D.) in their 40th generation.  
If you doubt or feel awkward, it’s okay, but I hope you try to get a perspective. If you want your own true wealth to come along and never to go back but only grow, love is that catalyst which is irreplaceable. 

To aid your doubt if at all, ask yourselves – “Would there be Hermes today if customers hadn’t fallen in love generations after generations for over 186 years with its thinking, designs, colours, product, basically everything that they do because they have been expressing their soul through products and services simply because they love something much more than reasons, excuses, logic even..?” 

No, I don’t know them inside out and I don’t need to. 

The key is first to acknowledge and realise that yes there are businesses who are highly profitable. And, of course they do care about their financial vitality more than we can imagine. However, they think differently by putting something else primary and maintain it that way. They put this primary in their thoughts and every action from top man to the last man. They act with first thing first. Rest just follows – centuries of success, growth, spread in world, and incomparable respect for all. 

What do they master that effortlessly they fly, non-stop in motion and non-stop in size spreading across the world?

Do you not want your family name, business or yourselves to timelessly impact the world and generating abundance as it goes?  

Do you want to experience the science and art it takes to build such super successful yet silent businesses? 

Over the years, many have mastered the skill of expressing their love through work, but somewhere they even lost the way when they began confusing it with doing business for money. Did this happen with you or may even be happening as of now?

Companies that remind themselves why they exist & have a system that supports the company’s actions to live this existence, thrive for generations. They make their clients and customers wanting to get more of their love. This makes them thrive beyond numbers. By number, I meant time, years, decades, centuries and beyond.

So, if you are reading so far, you owe yourself a quick thank you note for accepting the soft this far because this soft has the power and energy for all the hard you want to create – be it wealth, social recognition for people or nation even, generations of family members for generations are sticking together not for money but love for each other and love for what they bring impact to people’s lives through work.

We, in our blessed country, don’t see few even centuries-long companies that we fell in love or hold pride in. We lost our way somewhere from this soft. However, brands of the world you devote your love to buy or associate your happiness and identity with haven’t lost this soft at all.

These global brands, I don’t need to give brand names because while reading the previous sentence, your imagination and feelings of your love, pride, admiration so forth, for those brands must have been felt.

So, the real question now is, how do we do it?  

How do we go beyond this acceptance of soft and start beginning the structure, system, processes, and tonnes of other leverage-creating assets like technology infrastructure and operating models for making a business thrive by producing, serving, and enjoying it every day for centuries to come? 

I would ask you to first get fuller and real acceptance in you so that you seek answer of how with a commitment and winning confidence. Make that choice and we connect when ready.

Have a great day ahead.