A 100% employee run organisation

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted August 14, 2023 in Business & Organisation

A 100% employee run organisation

Problem Space: 

Organisations today need to be more resilient, fast-paced, and adaptive to deliver a business response. 

This cannot be the responsibility of one single man – the owner.

It requires the powerhouse of all within the organization – the employees — to build a better business and a better future for themselves. It requires resilience of each employee, fast-paced work, and adaptiveness of all. 

Given the challenging state of world as a whole including mental, emotional, physical and other concerns raised in entire world like never before  - what can be the surest possible approach to build such an organisation?

What is the way to create a fair balance for all individuals in the company including owners, leaders, managers, employees and anybody else serving the goals of company? What way can be the long-term response to the never reducing pace of change at all levels going forward? 

A counter-intuitive measure and solution to this problem is to build a self-run organisation which is 100% owned (in long-run eventually) and run by employees. 

The world of business is becoming more and more unpredictable every quarter. The world of even an individual, family, society and nations are all getting overly complicated and unpredictable.  

Since an organisation is made of individuals at all levels coming in from various families, society, and nations, it has an impact to consider. They directly impact the way an organisation runs.

The organisation is a response machine that the business has. A response that enables business to survive, win, and thrive.

This machine, if not designed, to respond then will the business be able to cruise through these continuous turmoil of unpredictability, volatility, and complexity?  

The other way to see is,   if businesses today wish to see even a mid-term survival or long-term thriving future then they must ask what machine (organisation) they are running on? 

In business, this unpredictability is an outcome of multitude of factors such as global economy, changing trends, luxury becoming more accessible, and many more unthinkable zones from where the unpredictability comes almost spontaneously.  

So, lets follow through some of the questions that we ask ourselves before we delve in further. 

  • What this machine (i.e. organisation) must demonstrate in behaviours? Have you designed this machine to produce behaviours you require to thrive business in next 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or beyond? 
  • How have you designed the behaviours of this machine? 
  • How are the machines behaviours supporting people’s performance such that the ambitions are achieved on time, in budget and with pride? 
  • Does this machine produce most necessary thing (on-time) for making business thrive? That ‘necessary thing’ here is DECISION.
  • If so, you believe, does this machine also follow-up on the actions following those decisions? 

Slow down your mind and give yourself a sigh.  
Think for a while if you feel.  
Think about your current business and its organisation. Your machine. 

Are you confident that your machine (i.e. organisation) ready to deliver your needs (survival goals), wants (desired goals), and ambitions (fulfilment goals)? 

Whatever you answer in your head is don’t trust it but trust your feeling more as it has more propensity to be truthful to you.

Now what?

The future lies with those organisations who can make right, collective and faster decisions. This is most viable when the responsibility of decision-making and implementing them lies with all employees in the organisation, and not just the owner. Ofcourse, involving all employees in decision-making does not mean a system of voting to get majority ‘yes’ or consensus. It is a highly vision-oriented, structured and systematic approach wherein an organisation which is truly living the promise of shared ownership is made.  

I would like this article to end here without going in much details of what our views and experiences have suggested in solution line mentioned at the beginning of the article. 

Since this is crucial, allow me to wait for generated response and questions and then I shall help you all with this.

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