Owner’s silent & powerful enemy to growth

By SOCH Business Mentors LLP Posted January 3, 2023 in Family business

Owner’s silent & powerful enemy to growth

Owner’s silent & powerful enemy to growth
“I already do it.”
“I already know it.”
“I already have it.”
I know how this works.
and other variants of the same!

If humility is a gift, then being wise is a genie.

You must note that the economic opportunity presented to India to rise is an exact opposite of a black swan event. It’s not phenomenal like other historical events and not unprecedented like any other historical event. Instead, it has never happened in history.

The change of age from an industrial age to an information age has brought its riches and evils, but at every change of ages, there were people aware of what it will take to respond to such change. There was this cognizance of what it would take to transform.

There was this readiness to invest by companies at large to ride on the wave of this revolution, and they had gone better off in many superior ways. The explicit equation was either building a fate or getting caught up fatally.

In India, the rise of any business in almost any sector, from traditional such as agro, textiles & diamonds to the savviest sectors of bio-nano semiconductors, is going to be theoretically endless.

This endless rise is subject to businesses (meaning owners) who choose to use this time in hand for getting ready to full. The following ten years are dream-enabling years for any average business. For incumbents, it is a period to thrive at unimaginable levels with unconventional speed for as long as 20-30 years.

It certainly never happened in history. It is the first and one of its kind. All this, and much more, you feel in your belly already. You get this feeling when you hear India’s prime minister rallying at various places in India, both in public and private settings.

Somehow, I would not believe that you don’t already get filled with questions for making your business truly get ready beforehand to get capable & skilled enough to make that fate you ever dreamt of.

Owners holding conversations with us share their desperate cry for finding how best they can help their business immeasurably rise, outlast for ages, and deliver outcomes far superior to profitability alone.

They look for questions on the following lines to make their rise possible:

  1. How do I make my business successful in the operating context of the future that I seriously don’t know, nor do I have experience dealing with its dynamics?
    • Harsh thought, but I want to create a sweet reality built upon no false assumptions. Also, turning a blind eye would only put me at irrecoverable risk.
  2. Harsh thought, but I want to create a sweet reality built upon no false assumptions. Also, turning a blind eye would only put me at irrecoverable risk.
  3. What and how should I constructively destroy before it’s too late to keep my business relevant and growing?
  4. What does it take to design an organization capable of manoeuvering business successfully in the subsequent unknown? What design of an organization is suitable for my company? What shall be the design of my business then?
  5. How do business and technology keep acting in favour of my business advantages in constantly changing times? I know that a technology put in place without strategic architecture for growth soon becomes a severe liability and no longer serves the excitement I had when I deployed.
  6. How does my leadership be helpful never to attain business results?
  7. How do internal organization maturity, systems and powerful decision frameworks affect the capability of the business as a whole to harness maximum advantage?
  8. Should I start wondering about bringing in governance that makes an absolute nut-to-bolt difference to my business’s eventual gain position?

When owners bring great questions like the above or fears, and we share our views, the only thing that would make them reach the other side of the shore is them not stating in their heart that – ‘I already do this’ when what they do is the difference between lukewarm water and boiled water (or more) necessary for cooking. Or I already have it! Or I already work on it!

Those owners who seek humility are guaranteed to build a future that they would thank themselves much in unrecognizable ways today. We honour those owners who seek humility and understand that no cooking can happen with lukewarm water.

Those readers who are still reading perhaps deserve a thank you from their future self to themselves. I hope you identify the above questions and more for your business and organization to take maximum advantage of.

Good luck with your aggressive hunt keeping humility and wisdom on your side.